What I’m Into | September 2015

I am sitting in a quiet house. The AC just kicked on again because we live in the part where cool mornings blend seamlessly into surprisingly hot afternoons.

But the house is quiet.

My three are sleeping and I am awake. I would be charging myself with a nap too, only my mom stopped by and brought the older two to the zoo so I had a chance to take a nap earlier instead of now.

It’s been a fun month.

I’m done with my long hot summer of pregnancy. We had our baby and now I’m waiting for things to settle into a new routine and chaffing at the restraints of recovering from birth. (Read: I am getting tired of being either on the couch or in my bed in a rocking chair on the front porch.) But it’s only been a week and I feel good so I’m going with this resting thing. Going and doing will come again. But now is the time for sitting and soaking and smiling in the goodness of now.

Busy, but good.

Rough sometimes, but we’ll adjust and the new normal will settle into it’s own rhythms of ease and joy and struggle.

Life, such as it is.

But now, it’s the time of month where we recap life a little.

It helps my heart to see the joy, collect some memories, and observe accomplishments.

So in September I’m into: 
Ali singing Jesus Loves Me, but also anything she can make her own words for. She’s a happy little energetic singer.

Ranger wanted to make a video of him talking so this is what happened.

Making collages of adorable, because instagram suggested I might like this app and I had to agree! I love combining everything I love and all the pictures I like in one place so I can look at them.

Everything baby. Especially these first couple weeks where Israel is home during the day and I can sneak pictures and memories of him as a daddy. Things that make me love him more as time goes on.

This basket my mom found for me while she was in Ethiopia. It is a perfect place for her to rest or sleep, a safe boundary for siblings and a nice cat-fur-free zone. Meg seems to like it, too.

Ali and Meg together. Ali is so sweet and gets oddly calm when we set her next to her baby. Ali always wants to share her special ‘binties’ (her fluffy blankets she is very attached to and possessive of) with Meg. So sweet. Sometimes I do a double take when I see them together because they are so alike (and Meg is in Ali’s handmedowns) yet so different and themselves.

I also finished crocheting Meg’s blanket about a week before she was born. You can see bits of it in the last two pictures. I’ll have to take a good picture of it at some point, but so far it is always wrapped around her because it is just so snuggly.

I have been loving baby snuggles and having her sleep on me. She seems like a restful baby after my two wild ones, but she’s only a week old so I’m not counting on it. Just enjoying it thoroughly while it lasts.

I did not read very much this month. Too busy preparing and catching up with other things. And just nominally distracted all month until the baby finally came.

My favorite for the month was Rising Strong by Brene Brown. I might write a review/recap at some point to cement the ideas a little in my own head. For the Love was good, but not as mindblowing as 7 was for me. My expectations were high so I felt let down, even though it was entertaining and hilarious, thoughtful and thoughtprovoking.

I am currently reading: Embracing the Body ( I’m finding this book is a lovely slow-read and I intend to take my time), The Rise, and then the two daily reading types I’ve been working through (Savor – I’m beginning to be bored with, honestly, and Common Prayer).


I’ve been enjoying hosting Wholemama. I wrote my thoughts on the broken whole pieces of birth, Chara Donahue wrote her thoughts on Belief and showing her kids the true ups and downs,, Sarah Torna Roberts shared her beautiful welcome into motherhood and embracing her son, and Amanda Cleary Eastep gave us a glimpse of her recent leap in faith.

Besides #wholemama, my blog has been occupied by three book reviews and an update on my 2 year old and 3.5 year old munchkins.

Oh, and of course we welcomed our newest, Meg Ylva Hazel.

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What I'm Into

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