Beauty from Dust :: Soul Calm {1/31}

“You make beautiful things. You make beautiful things out of dust.

You make beautiful things. You make beautiful things out of us.”

-Gungor, Beautiful Things


My life breathes in and out. In and out.

Panting to keep up, getting mired in regrets or questions, or champing at the bit to begin something new. I often allow those hairy-scary moments breathe for me – in, out, sigh, worry, react to ALL the things, start again – until I lose the rhythm of a deeper steadier necessary breath of open hands and trust.

Life. It lives and moves along with or without us and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with even a semblance of who you would like to be.

I am hoping to write short and true this month; keeping my words refined to the breath of a vision. Exploring this idea of soul calm. 

Because that is what my soul needs now.

A breath at evening-time that says, “You are doing ok. Here is grace and blessing. And look at this beautiful thing God is making.”

I want to take the dust of the day and sift it through my fingers. I want to see beauty, drink peace, and rest in calm assurance.

Let the dust drift away, seen and unseen, beautiful, maybe, but not mine to keep.

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.”

Isaiah 26:3

I am participating in the yearly #write31days challenge. I’ll be blogging everyday this October on the theme of Soul Calm. I hope it blesses you.

I’ll list and link each new post here as it is written.

Day 1: Beauty from Dust

Day 2: Family {Soul Calm and Five Minute Friday}

Day 3: Autumn Slow

Day 4: Benedictions and Blessings

Day 5:  You Are So Fine.

Day 6: Breath {#Wholemama}

Day 7: Grab Hold of Love

Day 8: Missed it. Because sometimes part of calm is not stressing the small stuff and enjoying family instead.

Day 9: The Enough-ness of Today

Day 10: Trust Rest {Five Minute Friday}

Day 11: Rest in Your Salvation

Day 12: The Battle of Shame and Perfectionism

Day 13: Dream {Sarah Scott for #wholemama}

Day 14: Enjoy Frivolous Things

Day 15: There is Grace

Day 16: A Reviving Green {FMF}

Day 17: Tickles and little moments

Day 18: Missed it!

Day 19: Let go of Striving 

Day 20: Hope {#Wholemama}

Day 21: Time and Contentment 

Day 22: For Longing {A Blessing by John O’donohue}

Day 23: Looking forward to Christmas! Song of the Stars Book Review

Day 24: Find and Choose Joy {an Instagram challenge for November}

Day 25: Tranquilities

Day 26: Turn Over Worries

Day 27: Finding a Place of Calm {Gayl Wright for #Wholemama}

Day 28: Grab Hold of Lightness

Day 29: Wonder at Smallness

Day 30: FMF

Day 31: Further Reading

How do you find calm at the end of the day?

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