Family :: Soul Calm {2/31 and FMF}

I’ve left my Fridays for Five Minute Friday words during this month-long series. I need to leave room for spontaneity in my life instead of relying on my formulas and to-do lists. 

So here’s five minutes from me on the word announced last night:


The calm (or lack thereof) of my outer life often influences the calm of my soul. The hustle of my to-do list leaves me at odds with myself and my family at times. 

You’d think the wild child gang of toddlers we are raising wouldn’t have anything to do with soul calm, but they do. 

Our little family does me good if I just take a moment to open my eyes and heart a little wider and push against the constant pressure of other things. 

Our munchkins show me how to live a little more open and when I can just take the moment to sit and watch them play (in one of the moments where they aren’t fighting), it gives me a little hope, much joy, and calms the restless wild of my own longings. 

I don’t worry so much when I take the time to be with my family. 

When I let myself relax in my husband’s embrace. 

When I absorb the ability to rest and exhale tension with the warmth and simple felt presence of my husband’s hand. During labor or whenever. 

When I say yes to help or ask for help from my mom, sisters and aunts after babies are born. 

This is the strength and calm that comes from family. 

I just have to let myself pause and feel it. 


Does your soul need a little calm this month, too? How can you find calm in your family today?

I am participating in the yearly #write31days challenge (you can link up and join in with a couple thousand other bloggers until the 5th!).  I’ll be blogging everyday this October on the theme of Soul Calm. I want to take the dust of the day and sift it through my fingers. I want to see beauty, drink peace, and rest in calm assurance. Let the dust drift away, seen and unseen, beautiful, maybe, but not mine to keep. I hope it blesses you. You can find the collection of Soul Calm posts here:


Today, I am also linking up with the Five Minute Friday community:



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4 thoughts on “Family :: Soul Calm {2/31 and FMF}

  1. Hey Erika, visiting from Five Minute Friday :)

    “I just have to let myself pause and feel it.” I needed to read that. It’s really a good reminder, to embrace and feel the good, instead anticipating that the bad feelings will remain. But also to let myself feel the bad, rather than push it away. (something I’ve been struggling with this year.)

    Have you heard of the author Emily P. Freeman? This theme of soul calm reminds me of her newest book, Simply Tuesday. :) I think you’d like it.

    Liked by 1 person

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