Breath {#wholemama and 6/31}


A few nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night with an aching headache. I tried to sleep, but the pulsing ache wouldn’t let me and I realized both my hands were tingling suspiciously. I began to worry about what could possibly be wrong with me. I knew there were things to watch out for when recovering from childbirth, but couldn’t remember if a headache was one of them. I was kind of freaking out.

I woke Israel up, “I have a really bad headache”. He asked some standard questions about location of the pain, possible hydration levels and if both hands were tingling or just one. He decided that I was really worried, but I was probably just really dehydrated and tired. So I drank some water and went back to bed. Still worrying excessively, but choosing to trust Israel’s non-headache plagued head.

As I was trying to sleep I realized I was hyperventilating and that’s why my hands were tingling. I focused my breath to calm and slow. I prayed that God would fill my head with His calm and make my headache go away.



Slow and deep.

I pictured breathing healing and God’s calm into my head and heart while massaging the base of my neck. Eventually I fell asleep and woke up two hours later feeling more relaxed. My headache was gone and I felt calm.


I went back to sleep and slept so well.

And felt so refreshed and rested in the morning.


Thinking about this again in the context of our word this week I realized a few things:

Sometimes, in the midst of pain, breathing can be hard.

We have to consciously focus on breathing slow and deep and exhaling fully.

Breathing doesn’t do us much good unless we exhale.

– breath – exhale – breath – exhale – breath – exhale –


Often I tell my kids to take a deep breath when they need to calm down and listen. And isn’t that what we hear about all sorts of things?

>>Just take a deep breath. Calm down. Wait a minute. Chill. Don’t overreact. Let it go.

These words encourage us to take a breath, but they don’t allow for an exhale. They fail to give us space to say the words that are breaking us from the inside or to release the things that if held in will  hurt us in the long run.

I think our culture fails to see the value in the exhale sometimes.

We need words that lead us to healing and wholeness instead of stuffing feelings or ignoring needs.

The exhale is just as important as the breath.

What do you need to exhale today?

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6 thoughts on “Breath {#wholemama and 6/31}

  1. Breath is a two part process. Inhale and exhale. Each function is vitally important, if either one fails to happen, life generally ceases.

    Thank you Erica for reminding me to exhale.

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  2. “The exhale is just as important as the breath.” This is so important and so easily forgotten. Thank you for this timely reminder. :) Blessings to you, Erika!


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