Dream {Sarah Scott for #wholemama and 13/31}


“I have a dream.” It’s a line made famous by Martin Luther King Jr. The message in those four words is deep and powerful.

I am somewhat fearful of them for that reason.

I often think of myself as a small dreamer when it comes to what I want to do with my life. Probably because if I announced big dreams with such might and determination, then I need to take action on them. All sorts of scary things come with that like rejection and failure.

Probably my biggest stumbling block when it comes to focusing on one big dream is that I will not find satisfaction in it once I achieve it.

But today I will choose to overcome the nagging thoughts of never starting. Today I will tell you “I have a dream.”

I dream of an inclusive community. Where we see the needs of others and step in to meet those needs.

I dream of long tables where we eat side by side with brothers and sisters from all walks of life. Where my children break bread with these folks as they hear their stories.

I dream of belonging in a place where people feel safe telling their tales of joy and sorrow. A place to hone our skills of compassion and celebration.

I dream of love being the language spoken by everyone, regardless of their mother tongue.

In all of this I strive to keep my dreams dynamic. Ever changing. Leaving spaces for the Holy Spirit to interject. For new wisdom to make better plans. For experiences of empathy to break my heart again and again.

Impermanence is an undeniable part of life. Things transition. Keeping this in mind allows us to embrace the they ways that our dreams morph and evolve over time.

In a way keeping our dreams dynamic allows us to grow into the people we need to be in order to handle the responsibility of achieving them.

Static dreams lose their allure. If my dreams are narrow and I am hyper concentrated on the light at the end of the tunnel, when I finally reach the exit the brightness of that thing I have been striving for can become dull and leave me unfulfilled.

Once we reached the summit...the only thing left to do is go back down.

Recently my family and I went hiking up a nearby peak called Rock Face Mountain. The climb was less than ideal with sliding rocks and dirt under our feet. We lost sight of the trail at one point and there was nothing to do but keep going up until we found it again.

Our only vision was getting to the top and let me tell ya that was not enough motivation to keep me happy on our trek.

Once we reached the summit (oh yes I am milking this mountain hike vocabulary for all it’s worth) the view was spectacular and we each did our victory pose for the camera. But after that the only thing left to do is go back down.

When the goal is accomplished the “now what?” can start to creep in. We are rarely satisfied to sit back and enjoy the destination.

I have a dream. It’s big and bold and open and scary. Chances are, if my dream comes true… it will look very different than my original vision.

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Sarah Scott wants to live in a world where people sip copious amounts of coffee or red wine on front porches, laundry is self folding and all books are deep and captivating.

When she’s not writing about intentional living or hashing out her faith questions, you can find her homeschooling her children, tossing items into giveaway boxes or smooching her foxy husband.


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8 thoughts on “Dream {Sarah Scott for #wholemama and 13/31}

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  2. Oh, I know exactly what you mean about the challenge of living on the summit. I am ever-quick to look for the next peak. It’s a balancing act, isn’t it, to enjoy what we’ve accomplished while still being open to God’s pull into even bigger dreams? Thank you for your wise and lovely words this morning!

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  3. Sarah, such a wonderful post and a wonderful dream. I dream of the same kinds of things. Maybe we all do. “I have a dream. It’s big and bold and open and scary. Chances are, if my dream comes true… it will look very different than my original vision.” I’m sure that is true for all of us. That’s why as you said, “…keeping our dreams dynamic allows us to grow into the people we need to be in order to handle the responsibility of achieving them.” We are always changing and growing and I think our dreams also go through a process as we pursue them. Loved reading your post!

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  4. Honest and inspiring post. Big dreams coming true can start with such small steps. I can imagine that long table you mention beginning with the small table at your home, and really, who says it has to ever be any particular size to constitute the realization of the dream? I’m working on a few dreams right now, little steps at a time, triumphs and set backs. Like you said, I’m not sure how I’ll feel when I reach the summit. I’m not even sure what the summit would look like, and maybe that’s a good thing. You’ve inspired a lot of thoughts for me today!

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