When calm means leaving things unfinished :: soul calm {31/31}

Sometimes I try too hard to do the things I’ve set out to do. And sometimes that drives me crazy and makes me miss the things in life I tend to skip putting on my to-do list.

Or would rather not be there altogether.

This last week has been filled to the brim somehow.

With little things and big things.

But mostly things that don’t allow me to write.

And this time I decided not to push myself. I watched movies in the evening with Israel. Or rather, we watched 1//3 to 1/2 of a movie each night. A lovely leisurely pace that allowed for enjoyment and sleep and togetherness all in the same night.

We watched Midnight in Paris and Harry Potter (the first one).

I haven’t watched Midnight in Paris that carefully before and loved the literary-ness of the plot and beautiful actual Paris settings. It seemed like a brilliant movie this week and just the way to enjoy beauty and calm and time with my husband.

Harry Potter tends to be on the opposite end of the beauty scale. Somehow three-headed dogs, evil, and trolls don’t really compare to Paris. But I enjoyed it just the same because I read the whole series since I saw this movie last and was able to enjoy, critique (they did an excellent job following the storyline!) and anticipate plot shifts and character development.

In short, this week I watched movies, dealt with whining children, and spent some nice time with my husband instead of writing.

And I think that was good for my soul.

What did you do to bring a little calm to your life this week?

This is my final post in my Soul Calm 31 days series (that turned into something more like 26 because calm was the goal)!

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2 thoughts on “When calm means leaving things unfinished :: soul calm {31/31}

  1. I like that you didn’t stress about missing a few days here and there. Movies are a great way to enjoy some downtime. I hung out with friends, snuggled with a kitten, and read a few chapters in a good book this week :-)


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