What I’m Into – 31days recommendations, Fall Squealing, and Books | October 2015

Fall! Spring is my favorite but fall is a close second. Fall is shorter in Idaho. Tends to go from hot, to a milf monthlong fall, to snow without much lingering. The cold, light wind and the crackling leaves always revive my humor. Not to mention the promise of pumpkin pie. Oh, and Fall running is always the best. :)

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch for some pretty fall fun. We picked ones smaller than the ones in the pictures. I’m not sure what we’ll do with them since we missed the chance to carve them. But I’m sure we’ll think of something. My little backyard garden actually managed to grow a few pumpkins as well so we have those on our table and counter as decoration with one large one gracing the front porch.

Other items of note: Meg got baptized. We sold my red car. Israel got a new job. And my parents are buying a new house 15 or 20 minutes closer to us!!!!

I participated in 31 days again this year and was really surprised at how much I enjoyed just writing a little bit everyday. Each post took maybe 20 minutes, but was just enough for me to gain some perspective on my thoughts and life. And mayhap encouraged some of you. You can find the whole series here: Soul Calm.

A few other 31 days series I really enjoyed were Micah J. Murray’s Becoming Human (this one on wholeness and cooking good food), Faith Raider’s 31 Days of Brave (Especially this one on neediness), Liz Von Ehrenkrook’s 31 days of Confessions (one on not always liking your kids), Abby Norman’s 31 Days Fighting Scarcity, and Novice Mommy’s A 31 Day Journey Through My Unplanned Pregnancy. All challenging, wise, honest, and brave.

I’m also enjoying Andrew Peterson’s latest album: The Burning Edge of Dawn. Just beautiful. And also slightly reminiscent of when I was 10-ish years old and attached to a cassette of one of his earlier albums: Carried Along.

This story, How to Tell Whole-hearted Stories on Instagram was interesting and challenging.

I only read a few books this month. Something to do with having a brand new baby, I suppose. :)

  • Embracing the Body by Tara M. Owens – So wow. I’ll have to process and write and share more later.
  • Stil Alice by Lisa Genova – Loved this insightful glimpse into the minds behind Early Onset Alzheimer’s. Written by a woman with a PhD in Neuroscience.
  • All That Followed by Gabriel Urza – picked this up on a whim from the library. Basque culture, revolution, and challenging relational drama made for an interesting read.
  • Making it Home by Emily T. Weirenga – Beautiful and wise. And I found myself here. Relatable. I’ll write a review soon.

Currently or soon:


Cracking me up:


In November I am looking forward to Katie’s #FindJoyInNovember Instagram challenge, starting to run again after 4.5 months off, more library trips and park days, more #wholemama posts, hopefully planting bulbs, and all the fun that goes with fall, thanksgiving, and cold weather. I’d also like to take more pictures of my kids, because somehow I’ve fallen out of that habit even though they are still cute!

How was your October and what are you looking forward to in November?
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