Thankful for Real Things.


Yesterday was Thanksgiving. And I didn’t even pause to consider in what I was thankful for. I simply reveled in the day as a form of thankfulness.

But thinking about it today I realized I am most thankful for real things. And I want to be most thankful for real things.

I’m not just thankful for family. I’m thankful for family who will play with and entertain my crazy munchkins so we can have a quiet afternoon. In the same house, but oh so much more at rest.

I am not just thankful for sisters. I am thankful for the honesty and love we share and being able to just throw out all the words every once in a while. Sisters who know you in honest and building each other up ways.

I am not just thankful for my kids. I want to be thankful for how they are growing me into a better person even on the days when I feel I’m at my worst. I want to be thankful for the rough moments and bookend them with love. I want to rest in the hope that family is built over years and our little ones will have the built in honest sister/brother friends that I do someday. Because we all used to fight, too.

I am thankful for my husband. But not just on the light and fluffy days. In a deeper way on the days where he is just as stubborn as I am and we work it out in spite of ourselves. Because learning when to give and when to take is an art that marriage teaches me in sometimes painful ways that become beautiful as time goes on.

I am thankful for the strong loud voice of my daughter even when it exhausts me and hurts my ears. She is determined to be heard and do the things she was made to do. Even when it feels like all she does now is fall of the couch and run into things, her headlong manner will bless her someday because that is part of how she is made. And you know, eventually two year olds get more careful, too.

I am thankful for running and doing with three kids. It is teaching me to use my people and work together more instead of alone. I’ve practiced 25 years of independence and sometimes it is good to relearn how to need.

I am thankful for interrupted reading time because I am forced to actually absorb the words and stories and meaning instead of simply consuming.

I am thankful for the writing community that is wholemama. And the growing slowly community that has been a building of friendships along the way.

I am thankful for friends who just show up and who don’t blink too hard when time is long between our visits or life is real when we do.

I am thankful for these real things because that is my life right now and though I will put up some shiny sparkly for Christmas sometimes it’s good to take account of the real things first.

Because life is real, not fairytale land, even after the Christmas decorations come out of the box.


What real things are you thankful for?


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6 thoughts on “Thankful for Real Things.

  1. Loved this deeper look into the “why” of being thankful, Erika. I’m thankful this morning for a quiet day of catching up on blog reading and enjoying the abundance we so casually refer to as “leftovers.” Blessings to you and your family…


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