What I’m Into | November 2015

Somehow I am breathing a sigh of relief that thanksgiving is over. I am not sure why, but I guess I’m just ready for Christmas to bring its charm. Or getting through holiday shenanigans with three little ones wears a mama out, even with all the fun it is. It’s all good though. :)

We had a lovely double celebration thanksgiving. The first with my mom’s parents and kids on Tuesday, the second with my dad’s mom and siblings and friends on Thursday. I loved having the celebrations spread out a bit so we could thoroughly enjoy each one instead of rushing between overwhelm and everything.

We had some snow and it has been sticking around. The high today was about 24F…so that probably has something to do with it.

Anyway. This is a minor list of what I have been up to and into this month:

First off, these pictures of my cuties (they have captions if you scroll over or click through them):

Snow – I haven’t really been into it, but it really hasn’t made a menace of itself yet this year, so I’m fairly ambivalent. My kids love it. Somehow they don’t mind putting on a million layers to play outside briefly. It is fun to watch them discover new fun ways to play in it each year.

Chocolate – I’m not at liberty to say how much, but chocolate has been a lovely thing this month. I will have to get this little habit a little more reasonable soon, but…it’s the holidays now..and January is for resolutions and mindset changes…no promises though, chocolate is my 6th love.

Baby chub – This happens to be attached to one of my top 5 loves and I cannot get enough of it. Yesterday she would not go to sleep so we played instead. I was flying her around above my head and the effect of gravity on her cheeks was just mirth-bringing. I had a good 20 minutes of hysterical entertainment right there. :)

Reading. Always. – I only finished two books this month, but the first was 1000 pages long, so I’d say that’s sufficient.

The Way of Kings was incredible and I cannot wait to read the second book in the series. Though I am forcing myself to wait and finish a couple others first..sigh. Because they will be due at the library or for reviews soon…and The Way of Kings is a long series with only two books out so far. So I must spread the excellence around.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear Made me want to write, or just do something, the whole time! And was also a lovely entertaining and easy read. I would recommend it be read whenever you are feeling blocked or stuck creatively. Or just need a little reassurance that your own little type of humanity is perfectly acceptable.

Thanksgiving morning drive ->> Snow on trees is always so pretty. We went on a drive thanksgiving morning because we were going to arrive at church about when it ended because ice on the car…ahem. So we just drove and I took pictures out the window and it was pretty.


This Song (and also ALL the Christmas music!):

These links to other people’s writing:

“It must start with intentionally holding my heart and my hands open to all of it – the heartache and the confusion and the fear and the mystical beauty of every part. And keeping my eyes open to see when I am being called to be the answer to my own prayers for peace peace peace.”

-Fiona Lynn with When you stop trying to unravel it all

“There are no mirrors hidden deep in the forests…no looking glasses on the tops of mountains. I believe that there is a real good reason for that. I hope you get it, and I pray never forget it.”

AshRuns100s with I Never Ran 100 to Look Good (on body image)

“Christ the King reminds us that God is saving those who are persecuted and marginalized, those who suffer at the hands of empire. Christ the King also reminds us those of us in Empire need that same salvation. That we too are marginalized and persecuted by our own fears and efforts to retain control.

Christ the King reminds us that God’s salvation for us comes in completely unexpected ways, from the margins and from the underside.”

Religious Radical or Christ the King by Eric Park at The Millennial Pastor

“I realize of course that immigrant policies, national politics and international crises are things much more complex than I am making them here. But I do know this: problems only magnify when we start to see us as somehow wholly different from them.

And must we surround our nation, our homes, with watertight walls? Are we so very scared that we cannot let them in because they might hurt us? But, we must ask, who are they?

They are the poor, the needy, the fatherless and the widow. They are at the very heart of the gospel. Jesus gathered a rag-tag group of fishermen, he did not run from women of disrepute, he did not turn in disgust from our disease, or dishonor or shame. He saw the widow, the child, the orphan and the leper. And he had compassion. His heart saw that we were like sheep without a shepherd. We are the homeless, the refugee. It is Jesus who comes from a far-off country and made his home with us.”

– Refugees aren’t safe. Neither is Jesus.  by Ashley Hales for #wholemama ‘Home”.

What I’ve written:

As Inspired: The Coffee Days, and Thankful for Real Things

Book reviews: Wild in the Hollow (short version: LOVED it!) and For the Love (Short version: Liked it.)

#Wholemama: Contentment and Want

Kids’ updates: Meg at 6 weeks and then 2 months 


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What I'm Into


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