A Screamy-Dreamy Winter {#wholemama}

I love spring.

I know this is supposed to be a post about winter, but how can I write about winter when I love spring?

But would I love spring the same way without winter?

Would the blooming and the color and the late spring rains feel inviting or just too much without the barrenness of winter cold?

I am not sure.

So I invite the winter in.

I try my best to embrace it, even if that means sitting inside with a blanket and hot tea  coffee after bundling up my wild children to hopefully burn all the energy outside. That bundling can be hard work and a mama has to recoup energy somewhere.


But, this mid-january is also the down side of winter.

The snow loses its charm. Layers become burdensome more than cozy.

Christmas is over.

New years is done.

I start wishing for better weather to run in.

And I start looking forward to warm weather and bright sunny days.

Because there is a certain hope in this winter.

These are the long days when we begin in dark and end in dark, but daylight hours are getting longer. The very gradual shift to spring has begun already, but it is still winter in full force.

In a pause of icicles, or maybe just frozen grass, the world stops to consider where it’s going.

Winter slows me down, too, and I dream new things for life.

Maybe it’s because I’m bored or maybe it’s that hidden rhythm of growth in winter.

The silent still pause that rejuvenates the ground for life.

Open still space to reflect.

Sometimes I wish for a place that is always spring with a touch of summer, but I know winter has its place.

It is also epically beautiful if you go to the right places like my husband when he skies. :)

Winter makes me glad for spring. The life and color of spring contrasts with the stillness and monochrome of winter. It gives the heat of summer a beautiful balance. It gives fall an intensity that would be lacking without the coming winter.

It makes me appreciate being able to send the kids outside without 10 minutes of prep. No shoes? who cares!

It reminds me to be thankful, to look ahead, and to notice those small things that make my heart happy: fuzzy blankets, crocheting crazy cute kid hats, leggings under jeans, hot beverages, icicles, frost patterns, longer daylight by minutes, learning new things, teaching my kids new games (dominos and Uno!), reading many books, and going places with people or inviting people in because inside is a good choice when it’s 14 out.

It forces me to pause a minute, somehow, and consider the where and how of my life.

Maybe at some point I’ll find some winter activity I just love, but for now I’ll just drink my coffee and think about things.

Or maybe I’ll hit up this trail with my munchkins.

A dreamy winter.

With much stuck inside with wild toddlers.

Because life.

So maybe it’s actually a screamy, dreamy winter.

Ha :)

Where does winter find you these days?


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9 thoughts on “A Screamy-Dreamy Winter {#wholemama}

    1. Agreed!

      There are parts of winter I truly truly love and then there’s the cabin fever slowly driving me crazy. Late January and early February are where it gets the worst for me – once you start thinking, okay Earth, we’re done with winter, let’s move on…

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Hello, Erika! This is my first time sharing with #wholemama, but I was drawn in my your “Screamny, Dreamy Winter” post. Because I just put up a post on my blog called “Why I Love Winter.” Which I really, truly do! I added it to the link party, but if it’s not the right format or isn’t allowed since I didn’t write is specifically for #wholemama, feel free to delete. And to you and all the other spring-loving mamas out there, I wish you a short winter. Send the long months of it my way! ;)


  2. “Winter makes me glad for spring.” I love it! I do enjoy winter as long as I can stay warm inside :) It can be refreshing to go out for a few minutes, breathe in the cooler air. It just makes the warmth feel so much better when you come inside. :) I do love to look at snow. It is very beautiful! Blessings to you!


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