10 Blog Favorites from 2015


I like to look over what I’ve written every now and then. Just review, see where my writing is going, what I liked best, what other people liked best, and how I can keep writing what speaks.

And the beginning of the year is such a logical time for it.


Only posts written this year, ranked most views to least. It is pretty easy to see the theme here: Baby news and #wholemama. Be sure to read #3 if you haven’t.

  1. Meg Ylva Hazel Shirk – First pictures of Meg
  2. A Secret of the Growing Kind – Baby announcement and hashing my need to write and pursue things outside of motherhood.
  3. Refugees aren’t Safe. Neither is Jesus – Ashley Hales for #wholemama on the refugee crisis  after the Paris attacks, our desire to be safe in our homes, and our God whose upside-down kingdom challenges our senses. <— Read this one!
  4. Whole in this Season {#wholemama} – My first whole mama post on the word Shalom.
  5. Celebratory Pause and Baby Countdown {#wholemama} (Baby was in the title…notice a theme? :) )

Personal Favorites

My favorites tended to be around things I’ve been learning and wrestling with. Things that have fought back and I’ve had to work to tame and grasp in a way that is meaningful.

1. A Holy Mosaic {#wholemama} – On the brokenness of birth and how I can find God piecing it all together in a more beautiful and whole way. This post was hard, guys. But there is a little more freedom there now.

“I cannot know how it will go and I have no control when it begins. And when it does I can only ask to be met here in my loud unspoken and spoken need.

Birth frees me from control and wrests it from my grasp when I might wish to know.

Powerless in an act that is powerful.”

2. Hopefully Churching {a guest post} – I guest posted at Circling the Story on how changing churches has brought to light different layers of what might be important as we are attending church. I missed out on one thing only to find another unexpected gift, and somehow it is ok.

“Because when we end up somewhere we thought we wouldn’t, maybe God is simply preparing to teach us something we didn’t think we needed to know.”

3. Fighting for Ordinary {#wholemama} : I voiced my struggle with the tension between my everyday ordinary and a desire to live a bigger more heroic life, but heroes fight for ordinary. So who is really to say where the line between ordinary and extraordinary really lies.

“We get to choose what is in our ordinary. Is it hate, distrust, and scarcity? Or is it love, abundance, and grace?  We fight for ordinary and then are again left in the ordinary. We find the fingerprints of God in the dust of our lives. And the dust of our pianos. And we claim back ordinary.”

4. Space to be Whole {#Wholemama} – On the importance of being my whole self even when my kids are rapidly growing up and only little once. It’s the realization there are more layers to motherhood than just this motherhood.

“I want to mother as me in our now. Not some other lady in the future in perfect circumstances.

I want a full and whole soul to feed my outer life and loving.”

5. What Shines Through – On following God and how the big steps are sometimes so much easier than the smaller day-by-day pieces.

“Living into each moment of following makes more sense when it’s something you can measure instead of just tension you feel. The leaving and doing more quickly appeal to our own intution of how following our big God should look, but when what feels big to us seems small and scared and “why on earth are you doing that?” to other people it’s harder to explain. People might wonder what you’re really following.”


I am looking forward to another year of writing and sharing with you all!

Thank you so much for reading here and encouraging me in this pursuit. :)


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