Fun Things To Do in 2016

These aren’t really resolutions, and some of them aren’t even goals, but some are. It’s simply a list of fun, at least what I consider fun, for the new year. Because that is what New Year’s Resolutions are for me: just fun.

It’s not that I have to do them.

It’s not that I need to. It may be that I need to or possibly should, but that’s not why I undertake such a thing. New Year’s Lists are a favorite winter activity for me, so here’s mine. A way to imagine new, and fun, and make intentional goals in a piece of the year that is gray and slightly listless. So I make lists to fill the listlessness and enjoy life a little more.

2016 (ish) – 

Adventures and Family:

Be more adventuresome – get away with my husband (he is my adventuresome inspiration and challenge) to do fun things more, try things he enjoys that I am uncertain of more, camp more, spend more time in the mountains, go more fun places, do more fun things. Just live outside the box I put myself a little more. Embrace the endorphins of not living predictably or the easy way, instead of avoiding them altogether.

Play more games with my kids! – I have been teaching Ranger and Ali to play Uno and Dominoes and I would love to keep that up. Because I really like playing games and it would be fun to have my own little cohort of go-to game players eventually. :)

Teach the kids to play soccer and to skate and work on swimming skills! Because I really like to do those things and why not have my gang of people know how to do the same things. :)


Run a Marathon sometime when I’m 26. Because 26 miles of course. So sometime after April 18th, 2016 and before April 18, 2017.  I also want to run a few other race distances and work on getting fast/fit again. Probably at least two 5ks, a 10k, and a half marathon.

Writing and Reading:

Write a couple short stories in Spanish for practice with my friend, Beth. We’re attempting a round robin style telling right now. We just began, but it should be fun. And good for my Spanish. And my first exercise in fiction since about 2011? It’s time.

Try to post on my blog two times per week. Just to stay regular and keep my writing muscles active, but without being overly demanding. I have really enjoyed/been challenged by posting every tuesday for the last few months and want to add one other day this year. Aiming for Tuesday/Thursday. Other days if lucky or motivated. But just #wholemama and one other post most of the time.

Read and Reread fiction – I want to many new-to-me books and reread several series. I’m thinking The Hunger Games 1-3 (because I still haven’t seen the last movie and I like to compare), Divergent 1-3 (same reason), Harry Potter (because it was such an enjoyable experience the first time), and Lord of the Rings (because maybe I’ll like it this time – I didn’t when I was…12(ish?) years old). I’ll also reread and read some non-fiction, of course. Aiming for 60ish books again this year.

Around the Edges:

And the all the rest exists only in an urge or sentence: have dinner with friends more, gather and host people more, practice the piano more, challenge myself to try new things more, jump into learning a little French and Swahili, try to learn some hand-lettering, take the kids swimming outside more, be outside more, etc.

I also chose one word for my year… I’ll tell you about that a little later… It will help me to balance, pull together, focus, and prioritize my fun things a little bit. Just a reminder for when I’m wondering about my motives and focus for the year. Anyway. Later.

Life goes on.

I also really want to see these mountains closer. :) The Sawtooths are oddly reminiscent of the Andes and Los Torres del Paine.

What fun things do you have on the menu for this year?


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