What I’m Into | January 2016

My kids are ridiculously adorable and that is mainly what I’ve been into and that results in instagram being fun too. We have spent the month getting back into a routine after Christmas mayhem and also just creating a winter routine that doesn’t make mommy crazy.

I added a quiet reading time before naptime and this seems to be helping them calm down enough to actually have a good rest or sleep. For best results Ali goes down about a half hour before Ranger so as not to make each other crazy wild. :)

We’ve had a lot of mud and wet weather, some snow, but not too much, and surprising number of sunny and warm (comparatively, ya know) days. Luxury.

FullSizeRenderThe snow in the mountains is apparently great this year. So Israel is having a grand time this winter backcountry skiing with some new friends who just happen to live very near us. Which is cool. And convenient.


I have begun finding a routine for running. sort of. So far I have one set evening with a running friend who lives a few blocks away (I am glad for my local Moms Run This Town chapter so I can find people to run with!), whenever Israel is home at naptime or after dinner, and then once a week when my sister, Z, is here babysitting.

So that works. And I am glad to actually feel like going running again :) Yay! I picked out a few races to hopefully enter and have started to get my speed back a little. a little. :)

What I Read:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.51.46 PM

I read quite a lot this month. 5 fiction, 3 non-fiction.

I reread the Divergent Series so I’ll be prepared to watch the last movie when it comes out in March. The end was almost as devastating the second time around, but I still love the series. I also see why they made the second divergent movie like they did. I thought they had messed it up really bad, but it makes sense for what is possible in the context of a movie vs. in a book. Also, surprisingly, Tris comes across as a much happier character in the movie. Not a bad thing.

Gone with the Wind was excellent. Beautiful, thought provoking and an interesting look at a little bit of the white southern experience of the Civil War. I am glad I read it. Though the end of it disappointed me. Ah well. Still worth the read. And 1000 page books are oddly gratifying in that the story takes so long to tell you get really attached to all the characters.

I’ll write more formal reviews in the next couple months for Grit to Great (fun, easy read) and Girl Meets Change (I honestly slogged through it but I think that is because I found it challenging).

The second book in The Stormlight Archive was just as good as the first and now I really can’t wait for the author to write the rest of the series. Seriously. I love books that are too complicated to easily remake as movies and this series definitely fits that bill.

What I’m Reading:

Other Random Bits

  • Cake sprinkles on breakfast oatmeal just for fun and added interest.
  • Rangerisms -”
    • Ranger *whiny voice* : “My leg is sleeping… I think we have to talk quietly when my leg is sleeping.””We have to take a nap when we get home. Mommy’s tired so we have to sleep.”
    • “When my foot gets bigger, I’ll get to wear my stocking.”
    • “Mom, is it not Cloud-day”? First time: “I don’t know what you mean.” Second time: “It’s sunday.” “Oh, Ali, It’s Sun-day.”
    • “The Dino-room”
  • The Return of the Sunshine!
  • baking. I’ve made some excellent cookies, good banana bread, and decidedly mediocre (but still chocolate!) brownies.
  • Getting into the swing of cooking again. Ish. I am enjoying the crockpot.
  • Rotating toys again. It is a relief and much easier to cleanup. At the moment we have the legos, a few cars, and stuffed animals out.

On the Internet:

It’s time to honor the hard work of raising children – “Caretaking is difficult. It’s an invisible, often monotonous job that requires tremendous fortitude and discipline.[…]What you’re doing is countercultural.”

Confessions of the Older Brother by Micah J. Murray – A challenging rendition of the parable of the prodigal son.

Donald Trump and a Tale of Two Gospels by Rachel Held Evans- Because I never expected Trump to be taken seriously by anyone, especially Christians.

The Biggest Wastes of Time We Regret When We Get Older – Especially the thoughts on regret and living in the past.

The Desperation to be Free by Heather Caliri- “The older I get, and the more I feel Jesus’ power working in my life, the more I yearn after a deeper spiritual discipline–a hungry desperation to be free. I’m done using my faith as a spit-shine finish on sickness.”

And just for fun: these LED shoelaces for night running

On my blog:

Goals for 2016, Favorite Posts from 2015, book reviews for Making it Home and The Rhyme Bible, and a 4 Month Update on Meg.

Wholemama: we wrote posts on the words ‘envision‘ (anchor by Esther Emery), ‘winter‘, ‘question’ and ‘change’ (anchor by Shawna Scafe).

And a few more pictures from Israel’s phone… :)


How was your January?

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3 thoughts on “What I’m Into | January 2016

  1. I just started reading Eleanor, not sure what I think about it yet. The beginning is very sad! I don’t know if i can make it through a whole book like that!


  2. I have not read Allegiance yet. Perhaps when I am done The Goldfinch. Grit to Great looks interesting though! I think I will look into that! Happy February!


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