A Day in the Life {with Three}

From a Friday in January:

3:30 AM – feed baby.

5AM – put two year old back in bed with a cracker

6AM – I may have put her back in bed again? I don’t remember.

6:55 AM – let screamingly awake children out of their room with their promise to be quiet(er)

7AM – gather a bowl of cereal for everyone, eat and then doze on the couch while the big kids watch too much Word World (Because sesame street is no longer on netflix. boo.)

8ish – set out clothes for kids to dress themselves.

8:15ish – baby wakes up and needs to nurse.

8:25 – cut off the kids tv time. They start pulling all the letters out of the abc mat and start ‘building words’. At least they are learning something. *feels momentarily smug for one well-chosen christmas present and semi-educational TV*

8:58 – Oldest announces he pooped himself. *smug feelings gone*

8:59 – I shut oldest in the bathroom sans bath mat with an order to strip and put the poop in the potty.

9:05 – Oldest has successfully stripped and is attempting to rinse underpants in toilet (which sounds gross, but is about all you can do)

9:1o – I start load of laundry and install oldest in shower. Go think about other things for a few minutes…or try, while checking in periodically.

9:20 – Daddy goes to work. I realize we missed the trash because MLK day is not that kind of holiday. Apparently. ah well.

9:25 – change a diaper.

9:40 – oldest is finally clean and out with orders to redress himself.

10:00 – I get it into my head it’d be a good day to go to the library.

10:43 – finally all out the door and in the car.

11:00 – load baby into carrier, make Ranger carry our book, and hold both their hands as we walk into the library hitting the handicapped automatic door buttons on the way in for ease and the fun of button pushing.

11:40 – pick up my books from hold shelf, pick out about 10 kid books, put three books on space on hold while the kids play with toys/people watch, lose each of the big kids once, and straggle out holding our heap of winnings.

12:00 – Wrastle everyone into the car, have a discussion on whiny car-loading behaviour and are soon home with our books where I send kids to potty (they stayed dry!). The baby is asleep momentarily so, while the kids read, I make food.

12:40 PM – kids read… I forget what I did.

1:00 – read one book for each kid, felt pleased with self for being such a great mom.

1:20 – I employ the most recently successful nap strategy and put Ali in bed. hoping for sleep, while Ranger reads.

1:50 – Bring Ranger into their room… Ali is not alseep yet. Hope for the best, bribe them with candy and go out.

2:20 – Put a hold on the sleep trials and send them outside with their bikes.

2:40 – Ali comes in and choosing to look at books over playing outside. Reads out loud while sitting adorably on the edge of her bed. Baby is resisting sleep as well so she is in the walker watching Ranger play outside.

3:10 – Ranger in bed doing something halfway loud. Ali reading quietly in the living room. Meg attempting to go to sleep in the swing. Maybe we’ll get this.

3:35 – Admit failure, send kids to bedrooms to play quiet-ish, nurse meg to sleep.

3:55 – Put meg down in my bed after finding out the kids had broken one leaf of their train table in half…somehow. #toowildtohavenicethings #onebrokentablefreetoanyhome

4:10 – All exhausted kids crying at once. I’m feeling amused that I didn’t cause any of it. Self destruction. Tuck big kids in, help baby find bink.

4:20 – Read online things, decide this day has been amusing but also fairly average. decide to write day in life post and begin.

4:58 – give up on big kids nap as loud thumps and crying begin. Turn on Peg and Cat.

5:04 – post up to date…two year old begging for goldfish, offer saltines. She takes crackers while sobbing about how she doesn’t want them and needs food. Crackers are not food. Overly tired children are so much fun. I’m just thanking my lucky stars that dinner is already ready (#crockpotsarewinningful) and that my sister is coming over in a bit to watch the big kids so Israel and I can go get coffee or something alone-ish. you know, alone as can be with a four month old and in public.

5:09 – Two year old is happily munching on her ‘yunch’ and unwanted crackers. :) success. Baby still asleep. Three year old ideally learning things from the screen.

5:20 – Get ready to go out for a couple hours. Decide it is time to wear a skirt because then I can wear cozy leggings.

5:35 – My sis gets here and I serve soup for everyone. She takes over older kid wrangling. hurray.

5:50 – text Israel to remind him of our intent to go out, feed baby.

6:20 – Head out for brief date at chic-fil-a, because Israel didn’t get to eat yet. Waffle fries, milkshakes and uninterrupted conversation for the win!

8:20 – come home to a clean kitchen and kids in bed.

9ish – baby is asleep, we close out the evening with a movie, Good Will Hunting, and are asleep by 10:30 or 11. I fell asleep before it was over, as per usual. Every now and then I’ll just catch myself up on the ends of movies, going back to only watch the end-ish 20-40 minutes of two or three different movies just because I hardly get to see that part.

*Insert various moments for changing diapers, sneaking chocolate chips, drinking a couple cups of coffee, reading in between moments, nursing, and telling toddlers to go potty and you’ll have a mostly functional approximation of my day.*


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2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life {with Three}

  1. Erika, what a fun idea to share a day in your life! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It brought back memories of having little kids to be responsible for all the time. :) I get a glimpse of it every now and then when I spend the night with and take care of grandchildren. Blessings to you!


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