Because I accidentally chose – #oneword365


Honestly I hate falling into groups of what ‘everyone else is doing’. If I was picking a word before it was popular I would have no hesitation this year. But I haven’t and it is really very popular among these blogger people to pick a word and despite my inhibitions about joining in with popular activities (maybe that’s a topic to explore another day, why do I do that??), I chose a word.

Well, more it chose me. Since I really wasn’t looking for it. It’s just what I need to focus on for this while. This year. This moment. Whatever it happens to be.

Because I need to be here.

Here in my life.

Here in this moment.

I need to be here. 

Here’s your life, live it.

Here you are. right here.

Here are your people. See them here next to you and in your arms. Hold out your words, fingers, embrace, life as a gift of connection. Right here.

Here are your hobbies.

Here are your babies.

Here is your time.

Rest here.

Stay here.

Be here.

See what happens next, but most importantly be what happens here.

You have the power to envision and form and make and break and give.

Right here. In your home. In your life. In your church. In your people.

Choose the way of life here – now.

The dreaming of here.

The living of here.

The day to day of here.

The slow everyday – here.

Take a breath and be here.

Maybe closer to the dust and crying.

Closer to the need and loving.

Closer to the hearts surrounding

and –  impact.

Here is your life.

Build well. Build now. Build in this place.

The way of things is here.

A woman’s dream for her children, her home, her husband, her world, her hands reaching toward others, her feet carrying the heart thumping messages of grace and power and hope.

Here is hope.

Here is grace.

Here is God.

God is here.

Here is your life.

live it.

Right here.

Letting go of the other Erikas.


Even in it’s poetry here has grabbed hold of my spirit and I am calm (er), reaching for my babies (mostly).

But I am here.

And this word is grounding me.

Did you choose a word? Or do you avoid trendy things too? Did a word choose you in spite of yourself? What is your word this year? Or not?

May we all reach more deeply into the here of our moments and know the presence of God and life and love and hope.

Many blessings on your year,



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4 thoughts on “Because I accidentally chose – #oneword365

  1. I am completely cracking up because i would sooner sleep on burning embers than jump on a bandwagon. Books, TV series, and one words….all things cliched. Yuk!!!!!

    Last year I needed a word though and I promise every sister out there claimed the same one right along with me. Brave.

    So this year, I’m up in the night, early Jaunary, and as my feet hit the floor, through a fog, I heard myself think “God, I will not pick a word.” (He hadn’t even told me too). Before I could take the next step he said “oh yeah, well….Beyond….there….it’s picking you.” And that was that.

    The next day, Beyond is absolutely all I could think of.
    Beyond mountain moving prayers, onto continents
    Beyond the connections I build in my studio chair.

    Beyond my expectations for my family.
    Beyond what I expect God to heal.
    Beyond, Over, Out There, Wild Dreaming, New Endeavors, Mind Blowimg Beyond. Interestingly enough, all while I keep doing the daily Here. Loving my people in my own quarters in the way I’ve learned to this past decade while looking Beyond and realizing I’ve grown strong to get to this point.

    Does it surprise you that a new 8 week series started at church last week, Beyond Belief?

    I love this Jessica, every word. You made me laugh this morning!


      1. Lol. :) Love it. It wouldn’t be the first time i’ve been called jessica. The last two syllables are right. :) Oh and i love how your beyond puzzle pieces into your here. And how God clearly has a sense of humor witg those of us who ‘stubborn’ as a compliment. At least i do. Many blessings in your beyond this year. Can’t wait to click over and dive in :)


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