What I’m Into | February-ish 2016

I know February is long gone, however, I still have things to say about it. And I’m the only one stopping me.

Because this one is getting big too fast (here’s her 5 month update) and I love seeing her interact with her people and world in different ways:



And this one turned 4… How is this even possible… and is quite the entertaining little person now:

And because this one has the personality of exactly herself. And I love it.

Together the kids and I have been loving art time, the open play time at a nearby gymnastics center, learning to play soccer -sorta, the weather warming up, selfies on mommy’s new phone, playing with the ever more fun baby, and taking advantage of the play set Israel is building in our backyard.






I have been attempting to read more fiction and less quickly. I am struggling with the fiction, but am managing to read less. mainly out of overwhelm then of any impulse to savor (what I’m actually going for). So I am still playing with my reading habits.

My february reads:image

Half Fiction, half not.

The Alchemist – This was gifted me by a friend. Liked it – deceptively easy to read, thought provoking, and insightful.

Eleanor by Jason Gurley – written by the brother of a friend – inhaled it in an afternoon, though just a warning the first 50 pages are really graphic and sad. –  episodically horrific, uncommonly creative, fascinating, and a deeply incisive narrative of family, love, loss and conflict.

The Lifegiving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson – I loved it – though at times I skimmed and skipped over descriptions of “The Clarkson way” as I found it a little hoity-toity somehow though they didn’t mean it that way at all. I loved the advice and inspiration for creating a well-loved-in home.

Coming Clean by Seth Haines – I expected to linger in this one, but it was one I could not put down for long and ended up reading it in a few days. I will have to decide exactly why I felt like that and write a formal review in the weeks to come, but if you’re putting off reading it for some reason, don’t.

Currently Reading (ish):image


Other Ideas and People who have been inspiring me lately:

Osheta Moore is starting a podcast called Shalom in the City (all about being whole and women of peace exactly where we are) and once a month Cara Meredith is joining her for a bookclub podcast with non-fiction and fiction books with the possibility shalom or wholeness. Which is perfect in my opinion. And all of you should go listen and read along. I am.

Jory Micah on reexamining and embracing marriage dynamics that don’t fit into conventional boxes : Wives, Lead Your Husbands . Because every relationship is different.

Heather Caliri on why she’s a feminist:

“I am a feminist because even though “nothing” has happened to me, knowing it happens to people you love brings it roaring into your stomach when you hear footsteps behind you.

I am a feminist because it’s not reasonable that many men are clueless about women’s vulnerability.

I am a feminist because I am starting to realize that it is not reasonable for women to bear this burden.”

Cara Meredith’s story about her marriage: I’m White, But I Married the Son of a Black History Icon–And This Is What I Discovered About Color

And Heather Caliri, again:  Prayer: FAQs for the mildly compulsive


And then a recurring theme in my life:

And I have not really written too much :)

But I do so love Instagram :)


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What I'm Into



2 thoughts on “What I’m Into | February-ish 2016

  1. I just finished (re)reading a pair of Connie Willis books and still found them to be very well and richly written. So, you should try Blackout and All Clear if you’re looking for thick-enough-to-savour fiction. ;)

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