Last week was a doozy.

Sometime over the weekend we all got colds. And then one kid got an ear infection on Monday and another got one on Thursday. All with the necessary trips to the doctor and pharmacy as we saw fit on the corresponding days. With cranky sick kids and one beneficent baby (because praise the Lord for small – well, 18.5 lb – mercies) in tow.

So most of the week was spent cancelling outings with friends and trying to keep the kids hydrated and everyone sane.

And then it rained over the weekend resulting in much indoor time.

Church is not exactly a refreshing experience with all these little kids and various attitudes.

But I think everyone survived ok.

The kids are feeling mostly better.

We are halfway through their rounds of antibiotics.

I did manage to run just as much as the week before.

We’ve been getting out for dinner without any children once a week (hurray for sisters who are expert baby wranglers!)

I rearranged the living room and the baby’s room to better suit our needs and feel less cluttered. Happy spots are good to have.

The sun is shining today.

Everyone is finally sleeping.

And I am here trying to get some words out so I can feel like I actually got to do something worthwhile/refreshing during this maybe 45 minutes of free time. hurray. :)

Because sometimes when everything is feeling undone it’s good to just do something.

Put some words on a page.

Get rid of a box of stuff.

Fold the laundry.


So here are some words. Maybe more will follow, maybe not. But I have to start somewhere.

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