Who is encouraging you? {#Wholemama Roundup}


A big part of my becoming in this #wholemama life has been learning who to listen to, finding voices that encourage me to be more at ease in my own skin, and taking note of the things that speak to me in a meaningful way. Kind of a record keeping of encouraging words and ideas. It’s been meaningful to look back on and helpful in deciding where to spend my time being a faithful reader.

And I’d like to know what and who has been encouraging you this month?

Each month I’d love for us to curate a list of articles or blog posts that have spoken to us. And as a part of it it’d be amazing if we could share a little bit of #wholemama love with these authors and take a minute to encourage them in what they are doing.

Who’s in??

Tell me what, who and where you’ve been reading and finding encouragement and let’s kick off this #wholemama summer well! This Linkup will be open until June 15th or so and then you’ll have to start saving links for the next round!

Share away and visit around for some whole-purpose-heart-person words from across the interwebs. :)

Here few of my favorites from this spring:

How Alive Do You Want to Be by Ashley Hales for The Mudroom – “When you create, no matter the prettiness of the product, you are coming alive.”

Off Brand by Sarah Bessey  – about being open to change even if it’s different from who we thought we were or how we thought we’d do things:
On Power, and Politics, and Where Our Dignity Comes From by Esther Emery  – “If I could lead a movement, it wouldn’t be towards anybody’s platform. Not anybody’s, not even mine. It would be toward healthy, ordinary life.”

To the Writer Mamas by Leslie Verner – “You will be more whole and available to your family if you are using your gift and following your call as a writer. But also know that you do not have to achieve all of your goals right now. ”

What about you?


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Our next prompted linkup is on June 7 with the word ‘play’.

Also look for a special announcement later this week! :) I’m excited!

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3 thoughts on “Who is encouraging you? {#Wholemama Roundup}

  1. Thank you, Erika, for the kind mention. I’m so glad that post encouraged you. Today, walks in the sunshine in real, human life is what is encouraging me. And knowing that I have a sisterhood across the world bolsters me. Thanks so much.


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