What I’m into | Spring 2016

Well. We have been up to a lot and out and about a lot. I have been trying to take the kids hiking once a week. We’ve also been hitting up the zoo, the library, and nana’s house about as often for some playtime for the kids and solo running time for me. It has been busy.

But now that we have hit the first really hot weekend of the summer maybe it is time to gain some closure on spring. :)

So here.

For your nerdy joy.


Words I’ve found around the interwebs:

The Unbusy Pastor by Eugene Peterson at Christianity Today – For everyone really.

People Are Expendable: My Root Struggle with Church by Ed Cyzewski – This resonated with me.

When Your Soul Has a Bad Idea by Emily P. Freeman – “First, stop being shocked by my own capacity for terrible thoughts.”

On Sustainability by David Shirk – “We are serving together, rather than fixing each other, and that is a good thing.”

The bigger kids have been loving painting, crafting, going to the library, hiking, visiting the zoo, reading books, playing outside, digging in the dirt, and learning to ride their bikes.

From a particularly pinterest inspired effort… :) 
Our most recent hike was two miles :)

And Meg has been into all the normal things: Meg Ylva – 8 Months

I have been enjoying listening to podcasts while I drive, run, walk, or fold the laundry. It has been a lovely way to make use of brain-space during boring activities.

I’ve been listening to:

  • Shalom in the City by Osheta Moore- for awesome ideas/encouragement for wholeness and shalom.
  • Hopewriters Podcast by Emily P. Freeman, Myquillian Smith, Their Dad: Gary Morland, and Brian Dixon – writing encouragement from a favorite writer… :)
  • What Should I Read Next by Anne Bogel – aka Modern Mrs. Darcy – I can’t read while I’m driving so book talk is definitely the next best thing. :) :)
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin – for tips and fun on more positive living/habits/relationships.


Books I’ve Read: I have the whole list coming monday here!

I’m currently reading Bandersnatch by Erika Morrison and Still Life by Louise Penny

I’ve been:

  • brainstorming wholemama stuff
  • forcing myself to cook new and good things a bit more
  • hosted a plant exchange party because why not and it turns out I like having people over.
  • hiking with the kids
  • running 12-14 miles a week (working up to a marathon in October or April depending on what works out)
  • signing up for and perusing races – I’m currently signed up for two 5ks and a full marathon (might switch to the half if I need to). I’d like to sign up for a 10k, a trail race, and another half or two to round out my running this year. we’ll see what seems doable. :)

We also had a very fun trip with my family to the Oregon Coast in March:

img_20160413_183437.jpgimg_20160329_104407.jpgwp-1465656825363.jpgIt was BEAUTIFUL. :)

I’m looking forward to:

  • A summer of #wholemamamoments
  • Camping
  • swimming
  • running more!
  • writing more!
  • And everything else.

What are some highlights of your spring?

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