31 Days: Adaptable 

I’ve chosen a topic and posted every day for the last four Octobers. These yearly forays into writing more and topics hit the perfect sweet spot between requirement and creativity. Each year has been an adventure. 

This year will be the first I’ve not chosen the topic weeks in advance and done some writing ahead of time. 

My summer was long and busy and I didn’t write, or even really want to. I’m finally ready to jump in again with this freeform October adventure.

I expect I’ll be writing about soul, wholeness, motherhood, trying new things, personality, creativity, being shaped by and shaping life, and my perspective of successes along the way. 

We shall see.

The beauty of the name means I can change this whole series if needed. Because I have room, in my life right here, to personalize every piece. 

Because life is adaptable. And I am adaptable. And somehow all these layers of identity, personality, responsibility, creativity, bravery, and soul can work together for more wholeness and more life, not less. 

It’s in the process of becoming, but I think it’s there. 

Day 2: A Constant Remixing 

Day 3: The Real Role of Feelings

Day 4: The Adaptable Nature of Words

Day 5: Showing Up

Day 6: Idiosyncratic 

Day 7: 

4 thoughts on “31 Days: Adaptable 

  1. I love this theme, Erika. I get anxious when I feel I’m boxing myself in, and it strikes me as wisdom to know the difference between the need for flexibility (adaptability) and fear (of failure, perhaps, rocking the boat, over-committing, etc). You know what I mean? I guess I’m trying to say, these are wise words. Thanks for being brave.


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