Not Static 

I tend to think of change as a one time solutions. 

Once I decide on something I would prefer to stay loyal to it forever. Maybe even until it dies as in the case of my first car. 

I’ve been learning to think of change as a more continuous thing. 

There’s always something I can tweak or twist or paint. 

There’s always something that will jump out of the woodwork and change the fabric of our existence a little bit or a lot. 

There’s always something. 

And it’s not the point of life to be perfect or gain a sense of establishedness such that we never feel challenged or even hardly ever feel challenged. 

I will always feel challenged by life, but certain times might call for specific adjustments depending on the goals and needs of our family. 

But even if we do decide to change something doesn’t mean it’s forever. We can always change it back or change something else to make it work better. 

Life is about expirimenting with the the choices you have to make the life you want. And if you think you can’t change one piece of it you just need to look for something you can change.


Your space.

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