Whenever-ing it.

After a long hiatus, blogging finally sounds fun again.

And maybe helpful.

And maybe like I’ve lived the during enough to be able to write during again.

2016 was a long year that felt very unkind in a variety of ways. Maybe sometime I’ll catch you up or maybe it’ll be something that just lives in the background for a long time. The background that makes the living living instead of dreaming and invites the difficult into the daily. That brings depth into the here-ness of our everyday. Because that is what it is to live here in this world right?

We try, we fail, we struggle, we get hit by a bus or seven. We wait to see what survived and how it might change the who’s and what’s and then we continue to live with the din of all the hard stories in the background. Making our way in it all with everyone else.

This is one of the reasons I love mondays, and mornings, and new years, and beginnings of new things, and sometimes even endings. It’s a chance for fresh with all the hope of possibility waiting in the bright daylight.

The shadows are harder to see because of the brilliance of the sparkling snowy new of it.

You know they’re there still, but you follow the scent of hope as you grind the coffee in the morning, or shovel off the driveway again. And then again. As you bring in the new year.

It’s daily. It’s there. It’s here. It’s pretty and sometimes not.

But it’s beginning again and another way to dig into the deep of everyday life.

So here’s to new years, new days, old thoughts, and blogs that patiently wait for the whenevers of life these days.

Here’s to whenever-ing it!

Happy New Year!

And you should definitely come find me on Instagram because I am there much much more often than anywhere else! :)


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