Happier Walls / Happier Me

So I’ve been doing a lot of creating that’s not verbally driven. It’s been a little crazy here and being able to check out of my head focus has been relaxing. And often this means I’m actively making something or arranging things in ways that make me happier. So it’s a good mood boost all around. 

This week I’ve tackled a few walls in the main living area. A friend gifted me these happy fabric-filled hoops and I was motivated to spread their cheery bright colors around the house. 

Here’s my front entry:

It was bare and empty after i took down the Christmas stockings so this was a welcome change. I love including words on my walls. So I love the chalkboard print on the right and the more subtle reminder on Ranger’s shirt to “Be Awesome Today!” Also the thrifted bright Harry Potter books, bright kid toys, and the random owl. Basically i love it all. Though I need more plants… :)

Above my desk: 

I’ll swap out the pictures so there are two of each kid sometime, but right now that’s the best i have printed. The oldest obviously has the most and the middle child was counting so i had (and have to!) to find more of her. I like the copper art from Chile and the elephant as a nod to our family in Kenya. And of course more words and a nerdy owl. Because what could be better?

A little collection of family pictures next to the measuring board: 

I’m hoping to keep adding to these about once a year just for fun. Little 5×7 frames are so easy to come by. 

A wall in our dining nook:

I want to keep this updated with one recent picture and one favorite baby picture of each of the kids. :) i need to get more photos printed to catch up. And the little sign makes me happy. 

The last wall in the living area I changed is above the TV. 

 Not quite right for me, but a ton better than what was and bright colors are always happier. I’ll be keeping my eyes out for a different way to light that spot that would be more aesthetically pleasing. And if you look in the top of this picture you get a glimpse of the new pennant banner. 

4 things I’ve learned decorating: 

  1. Hot glue guns are magic. 
  2. It’s not a waste of time. In fact it builds momentum for necessary tasks. 
  3. Bright colors are good for the soul.
  4. After you step back from the wall, you can’t even see all the extra holes it took to get it right  

Have you been making anything fun lately? 

What do you pull into your house to make your life happier? For me it’s words and color.  

Thanks for reading:) Find more of my projects and random life happenings on Instagram

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