Whole-list-ical (3.13.17)

Happy Monday!


We are enjoying loads of sunshine and I am using new strategy for hopefully helping my kids to fight less: sit outside with them! Ha. We will see how that goes, but it is officially spring weather here and I am happy!  Here are just a few things that have made me smile or brought a little more wholeness to my life recently! Hopefully they help you to kick off your week feeling empowered, able and just a little bit happier.

  • Rob Bell’s podcast featuring Susan David on Emotional Agility. Loved it. It’s an hour long, but just play it while you’re catching up on those weekend dishes!
  • I kinda need this mug :) Perfect for every mom.
  • This ballet choreography is magical and elegant. Also this instagrammer brings consistent beauty to my feed.
  • Good to remember for our girls:
  • My favorite of mine:
  • Your favorite of mine:

What has encouraged you this week? Do you have a favorite instagram feed? What about podcasts?

I’d love to hear!

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