Whole-list-ical (3.20.17)

Lately I’ve been feeling a touch resentful of life in general and how things never quite resolve. Somehow I’m only newly learning that even though life does tend to ‘work out’ it usuallydoesn’t  happen before the next thing gets confangled and convoluted. There’s nearly always something that needs to get fixed before you think life will start rolling along in a ‘normal’ fashion.

Maybe i’m a bit late to the game, But it seems that the normal is actually convoluted and slightly difficult. (Welcome to adulthood, maybe?)

At least for now. For us. For me. (My optimism strikes again in the way i temporalize difficulty!)

But anywhichway, it is good to look for the bright spots where you find hope or help and then hold them a little more specifically visible. As if to feed your soul a little extra with that one little bit of goodness. 

So here’s to collecting the things and feelings and moments that make you happy and make your soul feel more connected. And to lingering in the way your life works in the bright moments.

Here’s three for me:

– A little podcast/bookish/small world nerdy gratefulness (you can read the whole story on instagram!)

– baby style 😍😍😍 she’s the only one i still get to dress so why not put all my favorite things on her at the same time. Real baby > baby doll. 

– And I love it when i find something that actually feels helpful instead of gimicky. This post on creative entrepreneurship by Jeff Goins fits the bill! 


Anyone else feeling disenchanted with adulthood? 

What’s been a helpful hopeful highlight for you these days? Happy coincidences, daily fun, words of wisdom? 

I’d love to hear it! 


Find me on instagram for more momentary noticings!

Your space.

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