Whole-list-ical (4.12.17)

I don’t know about you but my kids have been insane lately. Or maybe I have. Or maybe life. Or maybe it’s just life and the fact that we’re running out of coffee here. IDk. But here’s a few things that have been making my life happier or spurring me on to more wholeness lately and keeping me sane!

– The Great British Baking Show on Netflix – I finished all the seasons available so now I’m waiting for the spinoff Masters version is available on April 22nd (No, nobody is counting here) and more GBBS seasons hopefully. Grand Design (also British and also on netflix) is filling in that gap so far but somehow I’d guess it’s not half as nice to run on my treadmill with. I’ll keep you posted.

– Running! I am really grateful to have my treadmill. I’ve actually been managing to run 4/week. Probably once a week outside. And it’s great. I’m going for another half marathon. This plan by Kara Goucher is simple, adjustable, and smart. I’ve modified the distances so it’s right for me, and that’s how it’s done. Results vary.

– Instagram. Lately I’ve been using the ‘save’ button to save looks, words, ideas and pictures that are just inspiring and up my alley. Only you can see what you save, but it’s been a way for me to enjoy again what I already enjoyed and to collect decorating ideas and inspiration (without being as endless as pinterest). Anyways.

Here are a couple of my favorites I’ve saved recently:

  1. It’s exactly how it goes some days. Like exactly. You think everyday would have the filler of sweet moments, but some days are just like this. And that’s ok. because some days do have the sweet moments. And there’s always tomorrow.

2. Israel keeps saying he wants a pony for his birthday… It’s perfect!

3. This, with all the lines and textures, appeals to me.

4. This bench makes me happy. Though I think I’d go for orange or maybe green.

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"While you're waiting, God is working." Pastor Rick Warren // In seasons of waiting, we can grow impatient, defeated, hopeless. But God is working. We can choose to hope in His promises while we wait. I think of waiting in light of Holy Week. Of the waiting for a Savior, waiting for the King to establish His kingdom and fulfill His promises, of life in the "in between" Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday. Even when we can't see Him, in the waiting, in the in between, in the midst of battle, He has not left us. He is working. Can we believe this today? I was thankful to reflect on this bench outside my favorite coffee shop this morning after studying Isaiah with @shereadstruth and preparing my blog post for this week. Are you waiting for a rescue? Let us sit in His presence, know He is with us, and know He is fighting for us. #itssimplytuesday #anexpectantheart

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5. And I think we all need one of these hats :)

My favorite of mine: I am highly entertained by Prisma and Israel wearing a crown :)

Your apparent favorite of mine: Newbie Scones



What’s on your Whole-list?

Come find me on Instagram? It’s where I live. well. hopefully not. but I’m there. ;)

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