What if? 


Do you wonder if you could do something? Maybe you should try it.

Could you run marathon? Write a book? Bake baklava? Try parkour? Plant a garden?

I say no a lot: It’s not the right time, I’m busy, It’s not for me. With three little kids chatting my ears off and needing all the things before breakfast, it makes sense to limit other things that may run my energy meter even lower.

It makes sense and it’s necessary.

Saying no for good reasons feels like relief. You know, like how you feel when you’re tired and something gets cancelled. Yes, that feeling. Saying no is a good thing.


Use it up like a two year old. or a three year old. or a five year old. Or a mom with all-the-year-olds.

“NoNoNo. No, thank you. NO.”

Great. I think we’ve got this. Good job! Enough no.


There’s a difference between saying no to some things and using your kids as an excuse for all the “what if” moments we never follow up on.  Don’t listen to fear. Do the work. You have more time than you think. We can be good mamas AND something else. Go for it.

So what is that thing at the back of your mind that won’t leave? Is it something you’ve always wanted to do or try or make? Something new and different? Or something you loved when you were younger?

What if it’s successful? What if it’s not? What if it’s fun? What do you lose if it’s not? Does it matter?

Why not try?


I am working to build resources for whole mamas who want to show up for their life, their kids, and everything in between. Sign up here to be in the know!




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