What I Learned This Spring

Emily P. Freeman hosts a linkup each season where we can reflect on what we learned, lighthearted and otherwise. 

So here’s mine: 

  • consigning through thredup isn’t necessarily worth it if you thrifted all your clothes to begin with. However, I have loved it for buying new-to-me clothes! 
  • Related: Money is not really a linear process. Things happen. and you always end up feeling irresponsible even if you aren’t. Life is just more unpredictable in some moments than others. And money is hard, guys! 
  • I’ve found people as a whole aren’t as nice as I always assumed, but I can count on my people more than I thought. Jaded, maybe, but that’s just for now.
  • I can get up early. Easily. And I like to do it. And it makes it so much easier to deal with my kids if my brain has already been waking up in peace for an hour or so before they rush in.
  • I trained for a half and didn’t run it. Because I chose not to. And I think that’s ok. There’s an art to letting yourself not do things if you’re the type to always get it done.
  • Free on Craigslist can be a goldmine! I scored all the edgers for my yard… and some new muscles. 
  •  Fudge-sicles are really easy to make. Basically: pudding -> freezer. Delish.
  • The kids can now take pictures of me and israel. No excuses now :)
  • Baking shows make you bake more; Decorating shows make your house pretty; maybe there’s an argument for watching tv after all. ;)
  • After you pay off the fines for the library book the kids chopped up, our library gives the option to keep it. ziplock baggie full of pieces and all! (Sidenote: what the kids learned this spring: how to use scissors and books cost money)
  • Grass gone to seed makes a fine centerpiece. 

In case you were wondering. 

What did you learn this spring??

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