Whole-list-ical (6.19.17)


Here are a few helpful, funny ,or inspiring things to boost your Monday or just entertain your brain while you wash the dishes. Because really, is anyone ever really caught up on the dishes? It feels like a myth to me.

But anyways. Here’s some fun/smart to stave off the Monday blues.


Good Words:

I like visual inspiration. So InstaFaves!

Look at that wall!

I died:

rule of thumb:

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Fasten your seat belts, y'all.

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I love this for an outdoorish area. So cute. And those plants on the wall?? I need to work on my green thumb.

Who knew chicks were so photogenic? Almost makes me want chickens, but not. :)


In case life is too quiet or too loud or too boring…or whatever might cause you to want to turn on a podcast :)


My Own InstaFaves:

What’s your favorite way to start the week right? I’m trying a quick hike, and lots of outdoor time.

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