Steady {Five Minute Friday}

I prefer an all or nothing approach. In English 102, I’d procrastinate until the very last for the final draft of each research paper and, sensing I had a problem, even wrote one on procrastination – though I forget my angle. I like to work hard at something briefly and then be done with it.

But, in this life, these days, it’s been a longer output of energy. I’ve been asked to keep charge of the little things, the little ones, and the minor tasks that don’t lend well to procrastination to the very end.  And even if procrastination happens it just needs to be done again within a day or two.

There’s no shebang moment of “hurrah, you’re done, go you!”

It’s a steady growth of learning how to do the things I need to do. Steadily. Not all push to shove to pile the dishes in the sink and the laundry on the couch. Though I do that. But even then, after all the dishes are in the sink, the cleaning is a temporary effort and the job is never really done. There are no big changes. The laundry keeps piling up and the sink is never really empty.

And i do it again.

But there is a certain beauty in that. Because I am learning to carry on with the mundane in the midst of everything else: the dreams, the chaos, the children.

All the behind the scenes tasks are a sustained effort for the common good.

 This steadiness is learned, but a never-ending learning.

And gradually, it calms my approach to other things as well.

I’m back again with the Five Minute Friday party. Because why not? It’s a good place to be. Join us there:

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