Whole-list-ical (6.26.17)

The library was quiet so we played with magnets. Evenings might be our new favorite library time :)

Just a few things that I have found inspiring or motivating lately:

Two books:

Hit Reset: Revolutionary Yoga for Athletes by Erin Taylor – I have never tried to go through an actual yoga book before – only youtube. And I like this one a lot. It is very informative, focuses on muscle groups instead of poses, and is fairly specific to runners. Good pictures, educational, and my hips and feet are already so much happier.

What Falls From the Sky by Esther Emery (Only $12 for a hardcover right now!) – It’s a memoir and reflection on change and changing things that make a difference. Also she quit the internet for a year. I love the thought processes and how relatable Esther’s situation is, even as it is entirely different and her own.

Insta Garden Inspiration – I want my yard to have this feel. Loved, welcoming, shady, less red than that, and a good place to just relax.

Inspired by my 5 year old because he can now ride his bike with me while I run. Freedom! Now to get him on a bike with pedals for better efficiency/stamina. :)

Side Hustle School has had me thinking! And is fun because it’s short daily episodes instead of longer weekly episodes.

How’s that for a kick in the pants? Because I am despite sometimes feeling inadequate to the tasks of life, I am not a kid and I am capable. Though maybe it’s the flavorful language that makes that inspiring. It’s not nearly as fun to say, “I’m a grownup.” Ahem. ;)

Read anything great lately? What’s been inspiring you? Do you have a side-hustle? How’d you start?

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