For quite a few years I have written New Year’s lists full of hope and goals.

Last year somehow the motivation escaped me and I made the goals as the mood May. and November. but mostly not. I had a reading goal which I surpassed because I overachieve greatly at reading when life is difficult.

This year I am hopeful and I know what I want to tackle. And it’s New Years, so what’s better than a list. I know lists like these aren’t for everyone (and honestly I was shocked last year when it just wasn’t for me! haha), but most of the time, I love goals and lists and ideas to make things better.

I’m reserving the right for secret projects because those work better for me sometimes. Here’s a short version of my list this year. I am working on habits mostly, with some projects:


  • One Installment of my Kinda Secret Project involving learning something new, making use of something I know, and hopefully making something useful and fun
  • Blog a book review and something else.
  • Run 3-4 times.
  • Memorize 2 verses from Colossians.
  • Weekly hike with the kids. Short or long, doesn’t matter. Outside, preferably on trails and hills. I made the goal of 50 hikes last summer and got to 47 by the end of December. We enjoyed it a lot so I want to continue at a less condensed pace.
  • Make a recipe from this book: Run Fast, Eat Slow. I need to add a few recipes to my repertoire. This book looks inspiring, healthy, and delicious. And I got it for Christmas :) My idea is to make sure I have the ingredients for two new recipes each time I grocery shop, which is every two weeks.

Daily Goals: Create a Routine that Actually Works for the Education of Myself and My Children and The Getting Things Done. Yup. I’ve obviously already figured that one out. And I am just holding out on you.

I am also holding these hopes and will be actively learning and growing and praying these areas to a better place.  I am calling these my Year Hopes. They are less defined, but more important. Just an idea, but something I know needs attention right now. Things I am hoping to instill in our family this year. I have no doubt that they will happen, but in order for them to happen it will have to be on purpose.

Year Hopes:

  • stronger marriage
  • gentler momstyle
  • kinder kids
  • Be creative, hopeful, + intentional. Also BRAVE.

These are just things I’m marking right now, so I can look back on at the end of the year and say: “oh, this thing is better than it was. I remember. We did this work. And God came into it, no doubt, and now we are all more ourselves and better people because of it.”

I don’t know what the year holds. You never do. I am realizing that more and more each year.

I am also realizing that I can make plans and sometimes life gets in the way. And we can’t do what we thought we would. But sometimes we still have to make the thing, say the words, learn to live gentler and braver.

This is how it goes.

Even when we get thrown the curveballs we have to keep going and keep living and keep dreaming.

And this is how we are made into the people God made us to be.

Have Faith. Be still in this moment.

And Happy New Year!

Here’s to new leaves!

So much better than old leaves. I mean really, ;)

But this one is nice:

What are some goals for your year?

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And if you want the Best Book to help you make or break your habits check out: Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. Or if you live near me I will drive to your house and loan it to you. ;)

Otherwise there’s always Amazon.

Your space.

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