This unseasonable winter {saving my life right now}

So, apparently, it is already the middle of winter. Which is hard to believe for me right now since it is a Springish 45 degrees outside and raining daintily. Some of the trees are already starting to think about getting leaves. I sure hope they don’t regret that.

My quince bush is already getting leaves having been fooled into thinking it is spring by our last two weeks of unseasonably warm weather. It feels like April.

I am not complaining. I just hope we don’t get more winter in March instead.

Because that would be sad.

But anyway. Every mid-winter for the last little while, Modern Mrs Darcy has hosted a linkup where we get to share our lists of the fun, mundane, or thoughtful saving our life right now. It’s akin to counting blessings, to help us identify things, or moments, practices, often easily taken for granted, that are helping us more than we realized.

So here’s what’s saving my life:

  1. The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson – at 1000+ pages each you only have to decide what to read once every week or 10ish days, and there are three of them. They are extremely well-done fantasy with a new world, new powers, great characters, and interesting social dilemmas. Perfect for rereading. I actually tried to read the third one without revisiting the first two…but two years between books was too long! So I read them again happily, and now I’m in the middle of the third one. The only problem is now I want to use words like “voidbringer” and “creationspren” in conversation. #booknerdproblems
  2. The library as a place to hang out with my kids, have all my bookish dreams come true, gain a few new dreams/books to my TBR, and feel connected to a community of book people, even if it’s just kid’s storytime.
  3. New clothes! My jeans had holes, my husband lacked a flannel shirt for me to steal, and I wanted to try a puffy vest. So I went to Thredup with a little Christmas money and made it happen. Results: I love the flannel shirt, the jeans fit perfectly, and the vest is amazingly versatile and perfect for this winter. And I feel a little more freed up to be myself everyday just because I’m doing style my way – instead of feeling at odds with my clothes.  That, and my jeans aren’t sprouting holes. Always helpful.
  4. My french press coffee pot – I love knowing we don’t have more machine than we need and I just have to boil some water to make some decent coffee. Simplicity.
  5. My kids’ rain boots are colorful, personality specific, practical for the muddy season, and somehow turn my kids’ eclectic dressing into adorable outfits. And if not that, at least they are wearing weather appropriate shoes. I don’t know why I didn’t try rainboots sooner! :)
  6. The Next Right Thing Podcast by Emily P. Freeman – I love this short, thoughtful encouragement to breath, reconsider, reevaluate, or reappreciate. I really loved the most recent episode: Episode 22: Embrace Your Limits. Favorite quote: “Possibility can be as overwhelming as it is exciting.”
  7. Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook – great easy recipes with tons of vegetables, healthy without being too needy or unpalatable for those uninterested in health. Favorites so far: Winter Root Salad (2/5 like it as a whole, 2/5 like part of it, 1/5 just CAN’T EVEN) and Ginger-Molasses Granola (5/5 love it!).
  8. And last, but certainly not least: The fact that our driveway does not look anything like last year:20170104_091139

What’s saving your life right now?

Also: This post was brought to you by a box of legos. So maybe they’re saving my life, too. :)

(Disclaimer: amazon affiliate links, and also Thredup referral link with $10 for you)

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