Just for Fun: Collections of Words from Other People

I’ve been loving these songs:

“Joy” by Tori Harper:

The chorus is my favorite part. Which is lucky because it repeats a bit.

“Your joy is greater than a thousand sorrows and
Your love will conquer all of my tomorrows
It fills my heart, the sound of Your song.”

Listen on youtube:

Tori’s other song is just as good. She has two officially released on iTunes as far as I can tell and then more on her youtube. It is always nice to find new-to-me music that encourages my soul.

“After Dark” by Tori Harper:

And “Be Kind to Yourself” by Andrew Peterson. Not exactly new to me, but something this Enneagram One is constantly needing to remember. Good song.

And these podcast episodes:

And these thoughts on Instagram:

Not that there’s anything wrong with knowing how to do your hair… But lifting up our hearts to world-changing power.

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Writing is a journey of self-discovery.

A post shared by Jeff Goins (@jeffgoins) on

What is your favorite thing to save on instagram? Mine tend to be words and every now and then an idea for home-ing.

Do you have a favorite podcast? I can’t really choose these days. :)

Hoping to be back here with more of my own words more often in the future. But maybe this will get me started!

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