Stuck {FMF}

We have drifted into warmer weather. hooray! For some reason it feels like this winter was oh so long even though last winter was infinitely worse as far as temperature and actual snowfall.

But maybe it’s just the collected feeling of too much winter after one long season plus one slightly flighty season (it left for a week or two in January and then came back snowing again).

But it’s April. I should be over it by now. Winter is OVER.


Projected forecast for tomorrow is about 78F and I am rejoicing but also a little bit worried because 74 felt hot today.

But that’s not the point. Bodies acclimate. No worries.

The point is, now that it is warming up, I am getting all these plans and ideas and hopeful feelings about being able to accomplish things, see people, and generally lead a productive life. Though arguably I haven’t not lead a productive life since I am constantly doing the householder thing of wrangling kids, nailing down food, and cleaning up detritus of items of arguable entertainment value (sometimes it’s just more fun to dump things out? I wouldn’t know).


I have hopes of carrying along with my natural Spring momentum and jumping back into actual writing and blog stuff.  i.e: Getting UN-stuck.

So here I am, picking up with the thing I often come back to to get unstuck. Five Minute Friday on a Thursday evening.

Welcome to my hope of getting unstuck on my blog.

And that’s my five minutes. I hope here I can offer you a little more grace, hope, and freedom for the ways you are living your life. I’m working on it, too.

May we be free instead of stuck.

Find me on Instagram more often. I’m stuck on that. ;)

Linking up with the Five-Minute-Friday crowd for fun and for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Stuck {FMF}

  1. I’m so glad winter is over, too!
    These feelings are quite familiar to me. I’m thankful for a little community to help us get un-stuck. Happy Friday!


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