Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau {Book Review}

Book review time! This review has been a loooong time coming (sorry, world!) since it came out last September. But today’s the day!

Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days by Chris Guillebeau

Side Hustle walks you through the process of creating an income generating side project. It begins with what makes a good idea (is it “feasible, profitable, and persuasive?), and by the end you are learning how to price, market and launch it to the world (and money-earning potential). Highly useful, especially if you’re naturally better at making stuff than selling stuff. Or better at coming up with ideas than choosing one and following through. As the case may be.

After listening to the insanely inspiring and daily(!) podcast Side Hustle School for the last 9 months I had high hopes that this book would make me rich. Or at least make me some money. Or get me started on an idea.

Disclaimer: It didn’t. Not yet at least.

It turns out you have to be a little more intentional than just reading the book. You also have to set aside time, resources, and gumption to follow through.

I’ve thrown around ideas of thrifting and revamping furniture, launching a kids’ learn Spanish something or other, selling crocheted pumpkins, and others. I’ve had trouble deciding where to invest my time and money when I don’t have much of either. It’s easy to get discouraged.

The only downside is that when you’re reading the book you’re constantly getting distracted with figuring out ideas, looking into stuff, googling maniacally, laughing manically (ok, maybe not), or becoming overwhelmed by looking at too many options, etc. Which can make it hard to focus and can be counterproductive if you haven’t committed to an idea.

But if you read the book and do the work, you’re going to figure it out. (Note to self: Do the work! See what happens!)

Guillebeau believes that everyone should have a side-hustle. When I take on that challenge, this is the guide I’ll want to have along for the journey. And I predict it will be dog-eared and well-worn by the end.

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(Disclaimer: I received a free proof copy of this book from the author in exchange for being part of the launch team and writing a review. All opinions are my own!

Also: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links. If you make a purchase after clicking a link on my site, I receive a few pennies to support my book habit. Thank You!)

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