Noah’s Car Park Ark (Review and A Few Other Books On My List)

Lately I’ve been on the lookout for picture books that entertain but also teach. I also love a good Bible story retelling. So I was happy to see this title available through Intervarsity Press.

Noah’s Car Park Ark by Paul Kerensa, Illustrated by Liz and Kate Pope. 

This is a cute retelling of Noah’s Ark. The rhymes are almost Seussian and happily easy to read aloud. My kids were a little confused about why it calls the ark a ‘car park’ (I think it’s also a cross-cultural issue since we call it a ‘parking garage’), but the adults in the room will chuckle as the Mustangs, Jaguars, and Beetles all find their places to park.

We also couldn’t decide if there should be sharks on the ark. I thought no, because they could just stay in the ocean, right? But the sharks are in the ark. They must rhyme too easily. And the idea of a shark tank inside a boat is just too entertaining.

The illustrations are delightful, fun and bright colored. It might give your kids the wrong ideas about technology in Noah’s time, but I especially liked the lion with a GPS on its head.

The only complaint I had, is that Noah and most of the sons and the wives appear to be white. There is one a little more tan than the others, but it would’ve been easy and better for the kids to add a little more melanin to the crew. I’d even be fine with having every person in Noah’s family a different color. That’d be pretty cool. And the lions have a GPS, so why not?

Overall: This a fun book. My kids have spent a lot of time looking at the pictures and consistently choose it for read-aloud time. And so far I don’t mind reading it again and again. That’s a win.

What books have you loved for your kids lately? What’s on your wish list?

I’ve been eyeing these cute stories about emotions, these about mindfulness (in English AND Spanish!), and these beautiful books: Called and Courageous Girls. Too many good books!

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(Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from IvPress in exchange for an honest review.

Also: This post contains affiliate links.)

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