What I’m Into – June 2018

Welcome to July! I’m not quite sure I agree with life going quite this fast. Maybe that’s why some people count by seasons instead of months. The rapid pace of this month just seems greedy.


We made it through June with the last part of a trip to the coast with family, five mornings of soccer camp for Ranger (he has been loving showing off his skills and wearing shin guards), and our first pool trip of the season (all of them were soaked by the end).

Here are a few other things I’ve been into:

Running: 32 Miles. And since 13 of those were from my half marathon on the 2nd. It was a low running month. But that is ok. I’ll be upping my running a bit these next few months. I signed up for races in August and September to help me stay motivated. And to feed my competitive side. Because I really would love to get a sub 2 hour half. Or even 2:0x. ;)

Books: 12 (5 Non-Fiction, 7 Fiction)

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 4.34.38 PM.png



TimeHop says:

I have been making sourdough bread for two years (haven’t even killed the starter!) and driving a stick shift for seven. Both have become way easier over time. :)

And… we made it to the top of this hike that these little cuties couldn’t quite finish last year!

Favorites on Instagram:

Just lovely:

Things to remember:

Love this warm, simple look:


We got out the art supplies: scissors, glue, paper, markers, small things to glue. The mess on the floor has been worth the quiet and focus it has given them. They have been cutting, gluing, coloring and making art. They’ve been particularly inspired by this little show on Amazon. They keep telling me that we can make art out of anything! And other little lines from the show. Super fun because they are also learning about different art styles, significant paintings, and artists (Picaso, Jackson Pollock, Starry night). I like it. :)

We also found a new learning to read game that they are all enjoying. I think Ranger is picking up on more of it than the other two. But they all like what we call the Monster Game. It’s called Teach Your Monster to Read. I think it was $5 on my phone and they can each have different accounts for the same price. We’ll see how much it helps. But recently Ranger told me what a sign said before I told him. So that’s fun. :)


I’m trying to show up here a little more. I am aiming for a few more this month, but I managed 4 posts last month:

Sanity Savers:

  • Chai Tea – I love chai tea, (especially the real kind), but but I haven’t been able to find a tea bag I love. But I have found one teabag each of Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea and Stash Double Spice Chai with a little cream and sugar is basically perfect. And also, double strength so it can easily replace my morning coffee.
  • The little tiny pool in the back yard – It really doesn’t look like much. But it is just right for the 6 and under crowd for a little extra energy burn and afternoon cooling off.
  • Hiking. We are at 14/50 hikes for the year so far and everyone is still enjoying it. The kids are slowly upping their endurance so we are getting to explore new portions of trail some. Most of the time we all come back from a trail outing refreshed and happier.



What have you been into and up to this month? What’s your favorite type of tea?

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