Done and Free {Five Minute Friday}

I’m done.

Done wondering if I’m allowed to do this or that or if I can. Instead I’ll be thinking about how I will and what goes on under the surface of pursuing this or that or that or the other. Done with expectations based on cultural stereotypes and “this-is-how-you-should’s.

I’m done telling myself I can’t or shouldn’t before I even try.

I am done downplaying my abilities because it’s not the right time or place or person.I am going to be myself. And I’m done being anyone else.This is my freedom declaration.I am free to be me. I am free to read too much and talk too little.

I am free to be in process, in progress, and still learning.

I am free to want to be a writer or an encourager to others who feel stuck in the process of who they are without overlooking the depth of the living well. I am free to take the words I need to hear and assume some other people might be encouraged too. I am free to risk my time to encourage.

I am free to risk my words and heart to love and hope for the best for everyone around me.

I am free to provide more hope and more hope.

I am free to live and lead and love in my home while knowing we have work to do. But I am free to do it as myself. No book has been written about our exact combination of people and experiences. We are figuring out and free together as each one of ourselves alongside each other. Free to do what works for us.

Free to listen closer for ways to be kind. Free to stand beside and lend strength.

Free to step ahead in my own thing. Free to step back in for comfort or reassurance.

Free to know the risks and do it anyway.

Free to be together and alone, in community and in vocation, in ways that bring more wholeness and more of ourselves instead of less.

Linking up with Five-Minute-Friday today on done, and apparently free.

How are you living free today? What do you declare yourself done with?

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Thanks for reading <3

8 thoughts on “Done and Free {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Erika! You go girl! This is great! I wish I was so bold to live in the ways you’ve written here! I believe in all those freedoms and yet I so easily fall back into old patterns! You have inspired me to jot down what I am done with, too! Thank you for sharing this encouraging word! Cindy your #fmf neighbor

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    1. Thank you, Cindy! The declaration is only the start, following through and keeping on with the freedom in my own soul is the harder part. Blessing to you on your free journey!


  2. I love this declaration of freedom! There is something powerful in deliberately laying down certain mindsets and picking up others. You’ve inspired me to think about doing something similar! Visiting from FMF #7.


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