A Book for the Toddlers in Your Life

This mid-size children’s board book, God Made the World, is written and beautifully illustrated by Sarah Jean Collins and published by Tyndale House Publishers. Each page tells a different piece of the creation story in fun rhymes with delightful geometric shapes, colors and contrast for little eyes. Similar to those black and white contrast stories that used to be popular for babies, but more lovely for everyone involved in story time.


We really enjoyed this book at our house. I loved the pictures and I think my kids do too, judging by the amount of time they spend with this simple book. It has pleasing combinations of bright colors, intriguing geometric ideas, and just the right amount of rhyming to keep it interesting, even if everyone is tired.  Adam and Eve are not blond and white. The animals are hilariously adorable. I look forward to turning the next page since I get just as caught up in these lovely pictures as my kids. I really just want share a picture of every page. But you’ll just have to find a copy for the kiddos in your life.

What book have you enjoyed with your little kids lately? I’d love recommendations! :)

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((Disclaimers: Thanks to Tyndale Blog Network for a free copy of this book to review. All opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links.)



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