You’re not too late {the kind side}


You’re late. It’s ok. You can still start. You can still participate. You can still proceed. It’s no big deal. Other people started before you, don’t let that keep you from jumping in. You are not too late. This thing you are starting IS for people like you who forget and also have lives outside of creative endeavors.

But you want to create anyway. So do.

Today is the Day. Just start.

The beginning is now.

Where will you go?

You’re not too late.

Earlier this year I started #The100DayProject. The idea is to repeat a tiny creative action for 100 days as a way to practice, grow, create, or learn something new. For mine, I am filling on the lined side of a 4x6in index card every day with a few words words I need to hear.

Sometimes the voice inside my head is pretty critical, It can help me do things well, but it can also keep me from trying something at all. This project was an exercise in tuning in to the kind side that knows how to be and encourages me to be more creative. On Mondays, for a while, I’m going to share some of that project.

Because I’m probably not the only one (and definitely not the only One) who needs to hear a little kindness.

More next Monday.

[This was from April 2nd, Day 1/100. The irony is that I only thought I was late. The official start date for the project was the next day. But my inner critic works overtime and preemptively, apparently.]

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What do you need to hear today? Write it in the comments or write yourself a little note. It helps, oddly enough.

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