Raise Your Voice by Kathy Khang {Review}


“I moved my friend’s hand off my mouth and continued to speak.”

Kathy Khang, Raise Your Voice: Why We Stay Silent and How to Speak Up, p 33

I don’t know if I would have the nerve to keep talking after something like that. Whether or not we have experienced a more physical silencing as in the quote above, we all have to deal with the things that keep us from speaking up. In Raise Your Voice, Kathy Khang tells us about learning to speak up, talks us through where we get stuck, and affirms the importance of our own diverse and specific voices. She also shares practical advice and inspiration for people working to be better stewards of their actions and words.

“You and I are created in God’s image, the imago Dei, which means that we can reflect and communicate God’s healing and beauty into hopeless, broken, hurt, and empty spaces. Our voice is meant to be and bring good news.” p.39

I especially appreciated these points about unity/diversity, speaking up/divisiveness, and not waiting until we have it figured out to encourage others.

  • “Our unity in Christ does not erase diversity. Our unity in Christ affirms and even demands diversity for the flourishing and stewarding of this world. Our diverse voices allow God’s truth to be told in many ways.” p41 (emphasis added)
  • Speaking up is necessary to address actual problems, it is not the problem. “Speaking up doesn’t create division. It brings injustice and sin to the forefront” (p66).
  • It’s not about creating conflict: “It’s always about the truth of the gospel and how it’s being incorrectly communicated through stereotypes or through dangerous policies and practices. […] It’s about inviting other sisters and brothers to be a church that more accurately reflects the beauty and diversity of the church” (p 126).
  • Don’t wait until you have it all figured out to encourage others to speak up. “Encourage others to find their voice as you find yours. Part of learning to speak up is also about encouraging other to do the same” (p.139).

All in all I found this book practical, encouraging, and challenging. It releases today, go read the description if you’re intrigued!


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(disclaimers: Post contains affiliate links. Thanks to IVPress for the free review copy of this book.)

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