What I’m Into – July 2018

July came and went in a blur of bikes, running, hiking, swimming, VBS, taking too many selfies trying to update a profile picture, and all the things the kids could possibly make out of a little glue, reams of paper, everything out of the recycling bin, and five trays of watercolors. It’s amazing how much detritus a little art leaves behind.

Besides all that, I’ve also been:

Reading, of course:


Listening to Podcasts:

Especially good: What Should I Read Next with Ian Morgan Cron – Books Meet the Enneagram – I laughed, cringed, and felt validated by the phrase “Morally heroic” Cron used in reference to healthy Ones. Why yes, thank you, I am morally heroic. Some of the time. When I’m not being a moral martyr, that is.

Watching Netflix – currrent favorites:

  • Grand Designs – because it is fun, interesting to see the many creative ways people build, the emotional investment only lasts an episode, and British tv is pretty much great.
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfield. funny, entertaining, and an interesting look into lives of different creatives.

Running: I ran 58 miles and swam laps once.  It is surprisingly difficult to find time to make that work. I have a race tomorrow! We’ll see how it goes. I am mostly just hoping to not die on the hills.

Crocheting, briefly:

I’ve never made a sweater before, but I got inspired and jumped into this pattern to crochet a fall cardigan (here’s 15% off that site, if you’re inspired too). I made the entire back in a weekend, but then found out that’s the easy part. At this rate I’ll finish by October. Good enough. Maybe the weather will be cool by then.

these thoughts:

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On my Blog;

I posted 10 times: book reviews: a baby board book, Raise Your Voice by Kathy Khang, and The Path Between Us by Suzanne Stabile, Five Minute Friday, Quick Lit, and my thoughts on how my books are sometimes at odds with my life.

And that’s about it. I am linking up with Leigh Kramer for her monthly What I’m Into. I love being able to look back on the month as we’re stepping into a new one. A nice happy exercise in reflecting on the positive.

What was your favorite July thing?

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