Loyal {Five Minute Friday}

Part of living life creatively means jumping in with two feet and being loyal to your vision of what is possible.

It is easy to get discouraged with your progress or lack, with your ability to forge ahead or tendency to pause longer than you’d like, or anything else where your confidence gets a nudge and pretty soon you’ve fallen into the midst of wondering why you’re even doing this at all. Why are you trying to do this thing or that thing and what is this thing anyway?

Is it even worth trying to figure out what you’re doing?

But as far as I can tell, that’s normal.

And you’re here and I’m here and our job is to be loyal to a vision of possibility.

The possibilities you choose are many, and it may be you could get off track by being too loyal to your own plans.

But maybe, if we are loyal to hope. Loyal to the idea that God is in control and we can have hope and possibility because of Him.

If we are loyal to that hope, and that possibility, and that idea of what’s to come thanks to Him, then we are a little more free to walk in the midst of the difficult, and the un-figure-out-able, and still be ok. And still dream. And still try new things. And still forge ahead with the things we are unsure of but feel that hope of possibility and so must try.

And so,




Linking up for the weekly five minute writing prompt at Five Minute Friday

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Happy Weekend!

Here’s to days of outside art and being loyal to a vision of hope!



4 thoughts on “Loyal {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Faced with a really nasty and vicious death from pancreatic cancer, I’m still working upon the aeroplane I started building in the days of health.

    When asked why I am committing time and energy to something I can’t hope to finish and fly, the only answer I could give was, “Seriously…did you REALLY think I’d ever quit?”

    The road is the reward.

    #1 at FMF this week.



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