It’s ok not to know {the kind side}

For when you desperately want to know you’re doing the right thing:

It’s really easy to overthink things. Sometimes it’s not so bad, but sometimes the obsessing and overthinking can really break your day. It’s harder to say about the big stuff, but don’t overthink the little stuff. It will all work out.

And most days, the big stuff will work out too.

I’ve found sometimes instead of overthinking it, it’s just time to pray about it. Whenever I find myself going toward that uncomfortable decision or moment or dialogue I have yet to find peace with: take a deep breath, release that anxious train of thought to God, and exhale. Repeat as needed.

It’ll be ok. Even if you don’t know how from here.

It’s ok not to know.

{April 7th, 2018 (I include the date on these because I want you to see how long my 100 days actually took. It wasn’t 100 days. And that’s ok.) – Day 5 of my 100 day project}


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