Summer Magic (What I’m Into – August 2018)

Looking at these pictures makes me happy. In August, we figured out our summer groove! We managed enough pool trips that Ranger is nearly swimming, Ali is well on her way, and Meg got comfortable putting her face in again! We went on a few hikes, played and picnicked at playgrounds, checked out way too many library books, used up a pound of beads, and watched two hot air balloons drift right over our house.


Summer magic.

Besides the kid-centric activities here are a few things I’ve been into:


I listen to podcasts while running, crocheting, folding laundry, and washing dishes. My favorites are about books, faith, writing, and life tips. Here are two recent episodes I really liked:

On Netflix: 

  • I absolutely loved Kim’s Convenience. Perfectly fun and hilarious. A
  • The kids and I both loved Peter Rabbit 😂😂. Usually if I turn on a movie for the kids I won’t really watch it. But I sat down and watched this one. So many good jokes.
  • Dare to Be Wild – this movie about a woman competing in the Chelsea Garden Flower show was beautiful. Creativity, culture, woman being strongly herself, flowers, a little romance.  I loved it.


I ran 62.4 miles. My trail race the first week in August went well. I wasn’t faster than the first time I ran the course two years ago, but I wasn’t significantly slower. So I was happy with that! It’s been a little difficult to fit in my long runs getting ready for my half marathon this month and I’ll be happy to be back running mostly shorter distances after that. Hurray. Feeling like I need to sleep a little more in prepping for this race. Not sure how it’s going to go. I have one more long run to get in the books. Skipped the last two weeks long runs, buuuut. It should be fine! After this I am going to try to get a bit faster so the long runs don’t take so long the next time I train for a half. yup. That’s the plan anyway.


I plowed through some audiobooks during long runs and crocheting. It turns out I really like audiobooks. I don’t think I will ever buy them, but I love that the library makes it very possible to get a wide variety. And I love hearing the authors voice!

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 4.25.49 PM.png


I crocheted 22 pumpkins in the last couple weeks. These are so fun for me to make. I make them from thrifted yarn so I’m basically saving the planet. Obviously I don’t need that many pumpkins. So if you are interested I am selling them! Just follow @bohopumpkins on Instagram for details! :)

Writing: I posted twelve blog posts and right now I feel like I have more ideas than follow through or time. So I’ll be looking for ways to work on that. Maybe with getting up a little earlier or just by being a bit more intentional in how I spend my free moments. It is fun to finally be having ideas I feel like I could follow through on again though.

One thing that has really helped is being a part of Hope*Writers. Membership will be opening up again next week! Be sure to check it out! Click here!

I needed this reminder from Sarah Bessey. Hopefully you are blessed by it, too:

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It's worth it. Just in case you were wondering, in case you are also holding a secret close, in case you are hiding how much you are struggling and how much pain you are experiencing and how your capacity has changed and how you are not who you used to be: I just want to tell you, that it's worth it to be honest. It is worth the vulnerability hangover. It is worth being misunderstood and misrepresented. It's worth your discomfort. It's worth the death of your self-image and your curated brand. It's worth the blizzard of well-meant and overwhelming advice ranging from diets to treatments to drugs to essential oils. It is worth the financial cost. It is worth the grief and anger you feel. It is worth the life upside-down adjustment to accommodate. Yes, it is worth it to be honest. Because here is what happens when you finally drop the act, when you finally admit that you're not fine, when you finally put your white flag up in the air and say you are beat: you learn that your belovedness is separate from your productivity and professionalism. You learn that Jesus doesn't only hang out with winners. In fact, you learn that Jesus is perhaps even more tender with those of us who are unable to keep up with everyone else who is shiny and happy and going from glory to glory endlessly. And you learn that your net at the bottom of who you are will hold. You learn how good people are at their core, how eager to help, how quick to support and offer grace. You learn that the people who love you do, in fact, love *you* – not what you do, not what you accomplish, not what you "do for God." Nope. Just you. You as you are, stripped of all that, are precious to God and precious to your people. And so you are worth the relief of honesty. Take a deep breath. Speak your truth. Let the chips fall as they may. You will be more grateful than you ever imagined. Your feet are on the Rock and you abide in Love and you are worth the truth.

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I like the feeling of new seasons as the whether gradually shifts back towards cool. I am looking forward to fall and all it holds.

What have you been into this month?

Who is looking forward to a new season?

PS – I told my kiddos I was writing on my blog and they said, “what’s a glob??” Thanks for reading my Glob!

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