Rain {Five Minute Friday and a writerly opportunity}

The first rain in months on my dusty windshield last week. The ‘rain’ constituted about seven drops of water.

As far as I remember, it has rained all of once in the last three months.

The sidewalk chalk was gradually wearing off scuff by little scuff. One of our trees seems to have chosen to let a few leaves go by the wayside. Hopefully those parts of the tree will just come back next spring. I don’t know much about trees but that is my hope.

Sometimes life feels similar.

Dry. Stifled. The things we thought would wash away with time are sticking around much longer than we hoped. We have had to cull a few leaves. Cut back. Prioritize. Wait. Wonder. Keep on in spite of it.

But there’s always the hope of rains, the next time and the new.

There’s always dreaming about the possibilities and wishing there were a simple short cut instead of the long way through.

But the rain will come.

The dust will be washed away. The trees will grow. The occasional drought has nothing on the deep roots.

Strong and steady.

It’s hard to know how the things in our own little lives will work out. Especially as the obstacles keep coming up in seeming insurmountable arrays. Debt, health, cars, home repairs, jobs. But step by step, we ache and trust and make it past. eventually. Each difficulty will be behind us and we will wonder how we ever doubted.

We trust God for the rain.

Sometimes it’s the only way.

We want to spin the plates and fill in every gap with things we know and productive jobs to do.

But our efforts can only falter.

So we trust.

And try, because we can’t help ourselves and that is part of this deal of life, too.

But we will trust, hope, and just be here for the rain when it shows up.

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Have you heard of Hope*Writers? This writing community is opening for new members next week!!

I’ve been watching this group from the beginning not ready to commit, but I finally took the plunge last time they opened the doors. I’ve been so grateful for this community.  The reason I finally joined is because they created the Writers’ Path. They divided up the process of becoming a working writer into several stages, and then assigned each resource in the Hope*Writer online library to a particular stage of the journey. So now you can go through the archives, stage by stage So instead of floundering, you can click through it a step at a time, and actually get where you are going.

You could find out which stage you are in with this quick quiz!

There is a wealth of information from beginning to write all the way to being a published author. Each week they add new articles, helpful tips, and an interview and you’ll get access to the complete backlog content, most notably the interviews with agents, authors, publishers, editors, marketing experts and working writers.  So useful!

And besides all this, there’s the lovely creative, encouraging community of writers who all there for you too. Answering all types of questions, and just encouraging everyone there.


If you’re curious or have been considering Hope*Writers or a writing group, but haven’t taken the plunge. I’d say Go for it!

And at least check out these free resources being offered this week as part of the launch. Even if you don’t join the group, taking advantage of even just one of these offers will be very useful to you!

Click on this photo to sign up for the webinar:


Or this one to sign up for a PDF of wisdom:


Any questions about Hope*Writers?? You should definitely join me there! Blessings to you on your journey!

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