Just Five Things {the kind side}

Notes of creative encouragement:

  1. It’s ok not to know why you’re drawn to these creative projects. You don’t have to explain it to anyone. Be free to do the things that call to you and ignore the things that don’t. Explore!
  2. It’s ok to be a beginner. You belong right here.  Just because what you’re doing feels small or clumsy, doesn’t mean it’s not for you or that you shouldn’t be trying. It just means you’re a beginner. And that is enough.
  3. Every little thing takes work. The thing you want to do may not come easily, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing it. Keep your head down. Do the work. Be brave.
  4. You are worth every effort you are making.
  5. Perfectionism is pernicious and it lies. If you are telling yourself not to say anything because it might not be right or may not matter. It might be time to say the darn thing, acknowledge the space your words take up, and let it be so.

Say something. Do something. Be yourself.


(distilled from five early days of my 100 day project.)

What do you need to tell your creative self?

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PS – On a related note, as I mentioned earlier this week:

The Hope*Writers writing community is open for new members this week!


Click on the graphic to find out more. I don’t work them, just feeling really helped and want to share the resource. It does cost a bit, but it feels worth it to me for the structured content, support, and community of resources. Anyway. I hope you’re helped as well!

Here’s the replay of the webinar from Emily P. Freeman:


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