No matter how it seems {Notes from the Kind Side}

It may not look how you expect.

You are on your own path. It will have diferent twists and turns, stops and starts than someone else’s.

You might think you’re not the right person or that life is too hard, not right or not going well.


God is shaping you and your story to tell his story and shine his love better.

God is working through it all.

We may not get to see it now or later. But the bigger story will be told whether we know it or not.

So be still.

You can trust God in the midst of the busy mess, the tangled trying, and those times when you just have no idea.

You don’t even have to be still. You can be worrying your head off, and trying as hard as you can, and it is still in God’s control.

God has you and your story in his hands.

No matter what it feels like.

{Part of my 100 Day Project}


Your space.

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