True About You {Whole Together Family 5/31}

Just a list of things I need myself to know, and things I want my people to know. You might recognize this from when I posted it on Instagram a couple months ago. I hope this blesses you as you think about the value and wholeness in your own identity. <3

– “You is smart, you is kind, you is important.” (The Help by Kathryn Stockett) 🧡

–  You are doing a great job.

– You create your life.

– You are enough for your people. And if not, that’s all they’re getting and it is enough.

– You are industrious, helpful, and creative.

– You are capable.

– You are gifted and called.

– You are full of the Holy Spirit.

– There is always grace.

– You are always free.

– You are human.

– You are a full partner with God in His work: There are NO secondary Christians.

– You are being led.

– You can trust yourself.

– You can trust God has a place for your wholeness because he made you with all your wholeness to be you.

What would you add?


This month I am joining the #write31days community to explore the idea of the Whole Together Family because I believe we get be who God created us to be – together. Find the whole list posts here or click on the image.

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